3 highly effective ways to generate leads in 2015

Download 3 Highly Effective Ways To Generate Leads In 2015

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  • Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages.

    3 Highly Eective Ways To Generate Leads In 2015

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  • Tim Paige - LeadPages - @TimThePaige

    Tim Paige is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages. An experienced marketer in all forms of media, Tim spends his days speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries, along with business owners looking to increase their marketing eorts like you. In his short time at LeadPages, Tim has already helped grow their customer-base to 30,000 and increase their list by another 40,000 leads.

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  • About LeadPages

    Launched in January of 2013

    Since then have added over 30K customers

    About 100 people in size (and hiring at LeadPagesJobs.com)

    We process about 3 million opt-ins per month

    About 15 million page views per month

    In the last 30 days about 30K pages were created on our system

    Were now storing billions of data points


  • Step #1: Create A Resource Guide Landing Page

  • Why This Is The Best-Performing Evergreen Landing Page Weve Ever Used

    It doesnt require someone to process too much information (like a 3 minute video or a page of copy) in order to make a decision

    Everyone wants to know the tools that you're using


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  • Why This Is The Best-Performing Evergreen Landing Page Weve Ever Used

    It outperforms a free report because a lot of folks are experiencing information overload and dont want something else to read

    It outperforms video lead magnets because the perceived value of video lead magnets has gone down a lot lately due to the proliferation of launches and lack of time

    It outperforms opt-ins for free coaching sessions greater value does not necessarily equal higher conversion rate.

    The amount of time you spend creating your lead magnet does not equal your conversion rate

  • You Can Create One Of These In Minutes

    If youre a real estate agent: Resource Guide: The Top 5 Safest Credit Boosting Home Loans Of This Year

    If youre a dentist: Buyers Guide: The Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes Of This Year (Including The One That I Use)

    If youre a life coach: App Guide: The Top 4 iPhone Apps For Increasing Your Productivity (Including The One That I Use Every Day)

    Marketing Agency: The Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools For Local Businesses (Hint: The 3 Best Ones Are Free)

    Jewelry store: Fashion Guide: The Top 3 Accessories To Look Hot In 2015 (Including 2 Under $100)

    Fitness experts: The Only 3 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home (Hint: They All Weigh Less Than 5 Pounds)

  • Results

    LeadPages took my opt-in rate from 8.6% to 23% IN A SINGLE DAY. Brian Swichkow

  • More Results

    These are giving me 3x-4x conversions against the ones I was using before. A couple of tweaks and my biz will make at least 2x the money I was making. Teramis

  • Step #2: Utilize Your Thank You Page

  • The Path To Your Thank You Page

    Among BILLIONS of webpages, someone finds you (whether via SEO, your ads, social media, links, whatever)

    Then, a small percentage of them actually like your stu enough to read a blog post or your About Me page.

    THEN, they enter their email address. (The average site-wide opt-in rate is between 0.5% and 2%)

    With all of these filters for someone to finally get to opt in, where do we take them?

  • Instead

    Use this as an opportunity to grow your list and keep your brand consistent with your Thank You Page.

  • But people are scared of doing webinars.

    Ill share with you an incredible way to gather market research, create a be!er connection with your audience, find topics for future content marketing, and grow your list without creating content for webinars in advance.

  • A Quick Bonus: Why Webinars?

    10 of the top 12 highest converting pages on our website are webinar registration pages

    Webinars are not dead

    Theyve made us more money than anything weve ever done (in terms of event based marketing)

    The majority of successful Fortune 500 so#ware companies, mediapreneurs, coaches, SaaS companies, aliate marketers, eCommerce store owners etc are all doing webinars.

  • Why Webinars?

    Quality trac

    High conversion


    Quick product creation (both paid and free products)

    They provide:

  • So how about that webinar tactic I mentioned?

    A great way to rock a webinar is to do a Q&A webinar.

  • Want A Dierent Thank You Page Option?

  • All we did was add a thank you page a!er people register for our webinars and weve seen a 342% increase in Facebook likes. Thanks @LeadPages! Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International

  • Step #3: Create Content Upgrades

  • We started this webinar by discussing the Resource Guide Lead Magnet, which is a fantastic lead magnet.

    But in 2015, one single lead magnet isnt enough.

    Most folks put the same lead magnet at the bo!om of every blog post

  • but if someones interested in THAT blog post, shouldnt we be oering a lead magnet thats specific to it?

    Thats called a Content Upgrade. It upgrades the value of the blog post.

  • Checklists (PDF)

    Downloadable PDF of blog post/transcript of podcast or video



    Resource Guides


    Content Upgrade Ideas

  • okdork.com/2014/09/09/linkedin-publishing-success/



    These all use LeadBoxes (a 2-step opt-in) because they average a 30% increase in conversion rate over the standard, one-step opt-in.

    Content Upgrade Examples:

  • they make your page a giving page instead of a taking page

    they force your visitors to make a decision

    they create behavioral inertia

    2-Step Opt-Ins work because

  • More Results

    Used LeadBoxes for my online hypnosis classes signups increased 30% just using the link for the mailing list. hypnotistentertainment.com

  • More Results

    The LeadBox Im using on my homepage (critical to my list growth) is converting at 45%. This will dramatically increase my revenue this year. Greg Hickman, founder of Mobile Mixed

  • 2015 KISSmetrics Guide KISSmetrics Demo

    h!p://kiss.ly/growth h!p://kiss.ly/demo

  • Questions?

    Tim Paige Conversion Educator

    LeadPages @timthepaige


    Thue Madsen Marketing Associate

    KISSmetrics @thuelmadsen



    Tim Paige @timthepaige