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<ul><li> 1. 3 Reasons to Consider Responsive Web DesignWith mobile devices becoming the new way people surf the internet having a responsive web design isextremely important. Without a website that caters to your mobile users you could be missing out on alot of business that could take your business to the next level. Building your business is difficult and eachcustomer costs you money to bring them to your website and you dont want to get mobile users toyour website just for them to leave and go to your competition simply because they arent able to viewyour website on their mobile device. Whether you like it or not mobile devices are just becoming moreand more popular and it is not far off where 90 percent of users to most websites will be from a mobiledevice such as a smart phone or tablet. That being said it is absolutely critical that you keep up withtechnology and move your business into the new age. That is why it is so important to hire a Phoenixweb design company that keeps up with the technological advances and advises you how to make youronline business more successful even after they design your website. You dont want a company thatwill design your website and forget about you and your business. Lets take a look at why you shouldconsider a responsive web design.1. Stay 1 Step Ahead of Your Competition -Keeping up with the latest technology andfiguring out how you can use it to benefit yourbusiness is key. You always want to be 1 stepahead of your competition. Having a responsiveweb design you are doing just that. Even if youare in a business that doesnt have a lot ofmobile users it is coming and the quicker you update to a responsive design the further ahead ofyour competition you are getting.2. Reputation You dont want mobile users to go to your website just to see a broken website.Even though it looks great when viewing on a pc or laptop it will still damage your reputation asnot being professional. A professional trustworthy reputation is key for online success. By nothaving a responsive web design this could hurt you.3. More Accessibility Why would you not want an entire group of users to be able to view yourwebsite? Mobile users are increasingly becoming more and more people. By creating aresponsive web design you will have a much larger customer base.Dont be the small business that was left behind and begin to struggle simply because you dont have aresponsive web design that allows mobile users to be able to shop on your eCommerce website. Nothave a mobile friendly website would be like only allowing 60 percent of people to shop in your storeand 40 percent would not be allowed. This is not a very good business practice and one that could causeyour business to go out of business. Contact a Phoenix Web Design company today and talk to themabout getting a mobile friendly website designed ASAP.</li></ul>