3 Sneaky Ways To Kill Your Cravings

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These 3 sneaky (but healthy) tips will kill any craving. Try them today! You're just a click away from being slim: http://www.Slimomatic.com


<ul><li><p>Am I really hungry? </p><p>Would I rather indulge right now, or </p><p>stay on track with my goal of </p><p>achieving a fitter and healthier me? </p><p>Is this food wholesome and good for my </p><p>body? Will it sabotage my goal of losing </p><p>weight? </p><p>ASSESS YOURSELF </p><p>www.slimomatic.com </p></li><li><p>REMIND YOURSELF </p><p>www.slimomatic.com </p><p>I eat only when Im hungry. I stop when Im full. </p><p>I will have a healthy treat later. </p><p>I MUST slim down! </p></li><li><p>www.slimomatic.com </p><p>Give yourself a wholesome treat </p><p>Vividly imagine your perfect body </p><p>Celebrate each time you achieve </p><p>a milestone, no matter how small it may be </p><p>Talk to somebody about </p><p>your goals </p><p>INDULGE YOURSELF </p></li></ul>