3 tech stocks that soared this week

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  • 3 Tech Stocks That Soared This Week
  • These 3 tech tickers beat the market, July 7 June 11
  • Coupons.com rose 2.7 on Monday followed by a 4.7% Tuesday surge, and held firm for the rest of the week.
  • The big moves: The digital rebates mavens two large jumps came without any significant news on the company or the stock. In fact, analyst firm Goldman Sachs downgraded Coupons to a sell rating on Tuesday but the stock surged anyhow. Shares have been trading on very low volume recently, except for a couple of huge trades this week. These large trades drove Coupons.com shares higher on Monday and Tuesday. Thats a big and anonymous shareholder with a strong appetite for more Coupons.com shares.
  • Why the big buy-in? Coupons.com is a very young stock, having entered the market in a March 2014 IPO. In its short life, the stock has already taken a 45% haircut and climbed all the way back to its first-day closing prices again. Investors are still feeling their way around this intriguing new ticker, so a few sudden and largely unexplained moves should be expected. The company is not yet profitable, and the stock trades at a blood- curdling 75 times forward earnings estimates. Thats not a recipe for stable trading, either. Make sure that you understand the coupon-clipping and digital marketing sectors before owning Coupons.com. This stock will not fit every portfolio.
  • BlackBerry rode a bumpy roller coaster this week. Up nearly 7% on Monday, the stock plunged on Tuesday only to climb back even higher.
  • Whats the big idea? The early bounce rested on a rosy mobile market report from Gartner. The smartphone market may have matured, but volumes are still rising and tablet sales rise even faster. iOS and Android own all of the new growth, but BlackBerrys other segment still has a few relatively healthy years left.
  • But wait theres more! BlackBerry also won three coveted Red Dot design awards on Monday. The BlackBerry Z10 handset won one of these trophies last year, followed by the Z30, Q10, and Q5 this time around. The award-winning BlackBerry Z30 from three angles. Source: BlackBerry.
  • Choke, stall, restart. The Red Dot announcement may have helped on Monday, but was quickly forgotten. However, the brand new BlackBerry Passport handset quickly restarted the stocks stalled momentum. More square than rectangular, this one stands out in the crowd. The physical keyboard is supposed to be exceptional, even for a BlackBerry.
  • So, should you buy BlackBerry today? BlackBerry is not dead yet, and may actually be around for the long haul. CEO John Chen is a bit of a visionary, and not afraid of taking significant risks if the payoff looks good. However, Im still not enthusiastic about the stock. Chen needs to navigate a deep sea of treacherous waters before pulling this turnaround ashore. Did I mention that hes alright with big risks? Make sure to invest accordingly. BlackBerry CEO John Chen. Source: BlackBerry.
  • Like our other tech stars this week, InvenSense jumped sky-high on Monday. Like BlackBerry, this stock needed a second wind. Unlike BlackBerry, the second jump also faded.
  • InvenSense took the easy way up: The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to ship with plenty of InvenSenses gyroscopes, pressure meters, and other sensors. Apple analysts took Cupertino shares 2% higher on Monday, citing huge demand for the as-yet unannounced iPhone update. Many Apple suppliers rode that tidbit to strong gains, including InvenSense.
  • Whats next for InvenSense? InvenSense also bought two small software companies this week, building a more complete package around its motion detection hardware. The company wants to outgrow the motion-sensor hardware niche and become an all-around sensor solutions provider. So far, the strategy is paying off. InvenSense shares set a 52-week high on Monday, and have gained 50% over the last year. Given these impressive gains, some of the weakness at the end of this week probably resulted from profit-taking moves. Do keep the companys nosebleed valuation in mind before buying in. Shares currently trade for 345 times trailing earnings, and cash flows are negative.
  • Apple hopes to sell millions of iWatches but not without this small-cap components supplier.


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