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  • 1. +30 Book Look Jasmine C. Harris October 18, 2013
  • 2. + 30 Book Look 30 Picture books were randomly selected from displays at a Public Library. Books were reviewed for the presence of a multicultural element. Covers were analyzed for featured images, gender, and types of illustrations.
  • 3. + 30 Book Look Bone Dog by Eric Rohmann This is the story of a friendship between a boy, Gus, and his dog Ella. Old age separates Ella from Gus. This picture book is great for helping children understand a lose caused by death. The Halloween focus adds an interesting element to the story with creepy skeleton characters. The pictures are simply and bold with black outlined images prominently drawn atop blues and whites for backgrounds.
  • 4. + 30 Book Look A Mango in the Hand by Antonio Sacre This is a beautifully illustrated picture book that captures the colors of Hispanic culture. This picture book is excellent for teaching traditional Hispanic culture as the story interweaves Hispanic proverbs. Readers will also learn Spanish phrases as the story is told using both English and Spanish.
  • 5. + 30 Book Look Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal The idea of friendship while maintaining individuality is taught in this story. The main characters are chopsticks amongst a variety of kitchen utensils as friends. The illustrations and colors are vivid with a simple white background. The story is told in non-rhyming words with one or two sentences per page. Uniquely, elements of Asian culture are illustrated throughout the story.
  • 6. + 30 Book Look Pip and Posy The Scary Monster by Axel Scheffler The characters in this story are a rabbit and a mouse. The story of friendship is told with simple wording and one to two sentences on each page. Large words against a white background are helpful for young children who are beginning to read. Illustrations are large and colorful.
  • 7. + 30 Book Look Animals Home Alone by Lose Riphagen Animals Homes Alone is a fun and vividly colored book. The colorful and detailed illustrations tells a story without words of mischievous animals and the destruction of their humans house. There is something new to see on each page. There are questions on the inside front and back covers to help guide readers through the book.
  • 8. + 30 Book Look One of Those Days by Amy Krouse Rosenthal One of Those Days is a quick read with simple one-line sentences on each page. The illustrations are large and colorful featuring children of a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Children will learn how to cope with a not so good day.
  • 9. + 30 Book Look How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague This picture book uses rhyming words to tell the adventure of Wallace Bleffs time as a cowboy. Illustrations are beautiful and can lead to discussions about Hispanic culture with the mentioning of a matador.
  • 10. + 30 Book Look The Apple Pie that Papa Baked Lauren Thompson This story features the bond between father and daughter. The simple tan, black, and cream color combination of this book helps to feature the bright red apples that star in the pie. Wording is simple with buildable sentences that trace back to how the pie was baked.
  • 11. + 30 Book Look Hogwash by Karma Wilson Hogwash is a four liner-rhyming sentences picture book. Illustrations feature pigs behaving like humans. They outsmart their human as they try to avoid getting washed. Pictures are detailed, but cartoon like adding to the light-hearted nature of the story.
  • 12. + 30 Book Look Dinosaur Vs. The Library by Bob Shea The large words and prominent illustrations of this picture book are great for young readers. The colorful illustrations also depict animals talking and behaving like humans. The story of a Dinosaur behaving not so nicely teaches young readers about being polite.
  • 13. + 30 Book Look The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? By Mo Wilems In The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? Pigeon tries to understand why he doesnt get the things he asks for. The simple illustrations set a foundation for a humorous story with simple large text wording. Young children will enjoy the soft colors and the funny misgivings of Pigeon.
  • 14. + 30 Book Look Bennys Brigade by Arthur Bradford Bennys Brigade is a slightly over sided book all the better to fit beautiful large and realistic illustrations. Two sisters find a small shell with a smaller walrus inside. Together the sisters work with their friends to return the walrus to its natural habitat. Through the lovely illustrations of a diverse group of children, young readers will learn the value of friendship and respect for differences.
  • 15. + 30 Book Look You Cant Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzmann and Robin Preiss Glasser You Cant Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum is a story without words. The illustrations uniquely highlight the main actions of the story with color so that viewers can follow without confusion. Young readers of this story will learn a great deal about art with photo cut outs of famous sculptures and paintings.
  • 16. + 30 Book Look Brown Bear, White Bear by Svetlana Petrovic Brown Bear, White Bear tells the story of race. Her African American grandmother gives her a brown bear and a white grandmother gives her a white bear. Both the grandmothers tease about which bear Alice loves best. This teasing transcends to the behavior of the bears as they fight to capture all of Alices attention. In the end, young readers will learn the lesson of race, culture and equality.
  • 17. + 30 Book Look Say Hello by Rachel Isadora Say Hello takes readers through a colorful neighborhood of many different cultures. Young children will learn how to say hello in many different languages; including, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Swahili, French, Arabic, Mandarin, and Italian. The beautiful illustrations help to identify the custom dress for each culture.
  • 18. + 30 Book Look Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin Secret Pizza Party features a raccoon behaving like a human as he plots to get pizza. The story is told in an omniscient voice that talks to the raccoon and helps him plan his secret party. The wording is simple with few sentences on each page. Illustrations are dark at some points and light at others.
  • 19. + 30 Book Look Quiet in the Garden by Aliki Quiet in the Garden explores a little boys quiet space. He sits in his garden and allows himself to hear the activities of the garden creatures. His imagination escapes him as he creates a conversation for each creature. The beautifully illustrated colors capture the very essences of life in a garden.
  • 20. + 30 Book Look The Lonely Phone Booth by Peter Ackerman The Lonely Phone Booth tells the story of the rise of technology and the demise of analog. The phone booth was once a necessity in the community until the cell phone arrived. A storm knocks the power out and sends people flocking back to the phone booth for service. Wording is simple and illustrations incorporate beautiful earth tones.
  • 21. + 30 Book Look Angelinas Island by Jeanette Winter Angelinas Island is an immigration story. Angelina copes with her new home in American while lamenting her beautiful island of Jamaica. She list all the things she misses and how she does not fit into her new home, until her mom tells her about a festival that celebrates her heritage.
  • 22. + 30 Book Look Khadija and the Mirror by DaVel Kent-Bey Khadija and the Mirror is a story of confidence. Khadija does not fit in and thinks that she is not liked. She finds a magical mirror that shows her how to be more confident in her abilities. Older children will love the bold illustrations as they learn how to grow into themselves and understand self-confidence.
  • 23. + 30 Book Look Get Dolled Up by Cynthia Rylant Brownie plays dress up with her cat Pearl. Large bright photos will be a wonderful visual experience for young children. Words are in large bold print. The story is told in a nonrhym