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  • 30 seconds to mars - Hurricane (ft. Kanye West)

    Bm G Bm 4 G Bm G 7Bm G No ma tter- how

    9 Bmma ny times that you told me you want ed- to leave G No mat tter how Bm ma- ny breathes that you took you still couldn't 12 Gbreath No mat ter howBm ma ny nights that you lied wide awaketo the soundG of the pausing rain Where doyougo 15Bm where do you go -where do you go G A F Tell me would you

  • 19 KillG to saveA for a life Bm Tell me would you KillG to proveA you're 22 rightBm Crash crash Burn,G letA it all burnBm This hurri cane is- 25


    2. chaG sing- us allA un der- groundBm - No mat ter- what groundBm 28 G A Bm G A 31Bm G A Bm


  • 34 G A Bm Do you rea lly- wantG A Do you rea lly-


    wantBm me Do you rea lly- wantG me dead A or alive Bm toture for my sins Do you rea lly-

    402. wantG me dead A or a live Bm to live a lie G A

    43Bm G A Bm