3.1 artefact presentation

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By Sabrina Ali 10y

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By Sabrina Ali 10y

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Artefacts - objects modified by humans, composed of clay, stone, wood, metal, or of other natural materials but used for specific purpose, it could also be a painting or a photograph.

It can be used for props and costumes or even something that tells a story.


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I would use an artefact as a prop in a play. For example a shield for a knight in a performance for a play or a dance.

Or some thing from the past such as a tribal object like a mask as a display at a exhibited at

a gallery for public viewing.

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Traditional artefacts are objects from tribal families such as house hold objects to jewels dug up from the past. They are the most common artefacts and the first thing that you would think of when you hear the word artefact.

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Is one of the most isolated islands in the world but 1200 years ago, canoes filled with seafarers from a distant culture landed on the shores of Easter Island. They built magnificent sculptures and they were discovered when the rest of the native people disappeared.

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Modern artefacts are now things that are made with machines. For example a vase use to be made on a spinning wheel and shaped by a ceramist. Now you could make vases, plates etc by special machines. Most of the traditional artefacts were hand made and now in the modern times less things are produced by hand and more are manufactured by machines.

Examples of a traditional artefact could be cave paintings and an example of a modern artefact could be photography and graphic designs.

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Antony Gormley is a famous British sculptor who specialises in producing artefacts in the shape of a human (sculptures). He places his pieces in the streets to show the community that it materialises the place and the appearance of where we all live.

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The media has a big effect on society today. Logos are small images we see in our every day lives that instantly reminds us of a certain company, whether is was a TV channel or a certain drink brand.

Logos are created so people can recognise them and is the companies signature mark.