31 book marketing ideas | get a facebook fan page

Download 31 Book Marketing Ideas | Get a Facebook Fan Page

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31 Book Marketing Ideas | Get a Facebook Fan Page


3 Proven Ways of Attracting More Clients

31 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Sell More Books

Tip #11: Get a Facebook Fan Page!

Why Should You Have a Facebook Fan Page?If over 1 BILLION users worldwide are interacting on Facebook, you MUST have a presence where people are flocking to!!!

Benefits of Having a Facebook FanPage!More and more potential readers want to interact on Facebook and not only on email!

3 Insiders Secrets

Insiders Secret #1Grab Your Vanity Name instead of having a long URL with numbers. Heres mine: http://www.facebook.com/MissKrizia

Insiders Secret #2Be prepared to be active and engaging on your Facebook Fan Page if you want to grow your following.

Insiders Secret #3The quality of the content you share will be responsible for your success on your Facebook Fan Page.

Immediate Action Step To Implement This Lesson!

Your Action StepSHARE and LIKE other authors updates to catch their attention and the attention of their fans this will bring them back to your own page.


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