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<ol><li> 1. EMAIL MARKETING TIPSIN 140 CHARACTERS on LESSPm "Quit wasting people's time.Only email when Start using you have something marketing truly valuable or helpful emails now.to say. " @HennekeD "Email reaches three times more people than Twitter and Facebookcombined. " @BufferNeed inspiration for your next email?Use your social media metrics to identify yourmost popular content.@AWeberSend skimmable emails.Write in short paragraphs.Use subheadings and visuals to break up blocks of text.@ForbesSend mobile-friendly 9 emails.63% of USconsumers delete emails Write subject that aren't optimized for lines to mobile.@MarketingC| oud intrigue your mobile audience.60% of email opens happen on mobile devices.@SproutSocia| Be brief.Some mobile email servers show only 38 characters in the subject line.@ClOonlineThe preheader,the "text that's above theheader image, " is viewable from the inbox.Use it wisely.@DJWa| dowm Send special offers to your most loyal subscribers,theMake sure your people who consistently emails provide open your emails.something of @AIexlvanovsvalue."Answerthe What's init for me? "A good rule of thumb is (WIIFM) the more frequent your question. " emails,the shorter they @HuffPostBiz should be. "@CampaignerEmai| Design emails that are easy to read.Feature your logo,images,a clear CTA,and minimal content.@ConstantContactMaster CTAs."Be clear w and direct with your users, telling them exactly what Don't be you'd like them to do. " self-centered.@VeroApp Focus on yoursubscribers,not on yourself. 3 phrases to avoid in your "Use less We. email subject lines:"Help,and mre 'ym E % off,and Reminder. " @MltChI'apide5@EconsultancySimply put,email subject lines should"describe the subject of your email. " @MailChimpa Don't overdo it.Typically, as marketers increase email frequency, subscriber engagement05 subject _ goes down.@DavidMoth lines,questionstypically perform better than statements.@LitmusAppAsk questions. Learn from @Buffer;send personal emails.Share revenue goals,describe a failure,or tell a story. @MarketingLandThe first step for email marketing:define your audience.Then,determine the type of content they want.@MailChimpOrganize your list with Eaudience segmentationtools.Deliver content that Develop ais customized for each system.with asegment.@EmmaEmai|process,you canspend more timeDon't send large files.being creative, The longer an email and less timetakes to load,the higher putting outthe bounce rate will be.fires.@EntMagazine @HubSpotUse a landing page.Your email content should lead to a landing page customized for email subscribers.@LalwaniVikasw Keep your list organized."Establish data de-dup| ica- 26 tion best-practices acrossHelp "If yur departments/ systems. "emails "0 @MarketingProfs longer solve aproblem,then your subscriber will no longer open them. " @Emai| De| iveredTo build your email list,offer an interesting and valuable incentive tosignup for your emails.@KimanziCDon't only send emails when you need to sell.Schedule content-based emails to be sent consistently.@K| SSmetricsEmails with "boring" 3 subject lines perform 29 .better than subject lines To find the bestthat are "sa| esy" or too time to sendsensational.@TutsP| us emails,mine your data.Don't haveRun A/ B tests on emails data yet?Sendto find the optimal CTA,emails onm subject line,design,weekend personalization style,mornings.and more.@Unbounce @KevanLeeAvoid the inbox traffic jam.Most marketers send emails on Thursdays at lunchtime;don't send at this time.@C| ickZCollect leads in Slideshare using LeadShare.Use a CTA to get email readers to view one of your decks.@Ethos3USE PRESENTATIONS TO GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST AND ENGAGE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS. WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW! EMAIL Us AT:START@ETHOS3.COMETHOS3EHPOWEIING PRESENT! !!</li></ol>