33 slideshare tips, in 140 characters or less

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Expand your marketing reach by sharing your content with SlideShare's audience of 60 million global users. To navigate SlideShare like a pro, use these 33 SlideShare tips, each summarized in 140 characters or less. For sources used in this design, check out the complete blog post at: http://www.ethos3.com/blog/ Ethos3 is a presentation design agency with premier presentation designers and PowerPoint designers. Contact us if you have an upcoming presentation. We can make your presentation awesome: http://www.ethos3.com/contact/


  • 1. SIL.DIESHARET| ~ 1 A in 140 characters or less :[ | byETHos3i. Slideshare decks with strong headlines,detailed descriptions,and backlinks rank high on search engines.(aWishpondEmbed your SlideShare presentations across multiple platforms: Twitter,blogs posts,and landing pages.@MarketoE .Don't use Slideshare for self-promotion unless you can i " effectively soften your pitch with humor or humility.@ForbesPresent your content in 3 acts:Why it Matters,How it Works, and the Call to Action.(aLindseyKirchoff " Go long and dig deep!Studies have shown that lengthier Slideshare presentations (60+ slides) perform best.(aHubSpotDirect trafc to your website or blog by including your URL in your Slideshare presentation.C. -ISusanGunelius~ On the last slide of your deck,use a call to action to send trafc i to a landing page with a lead form.@ConvinceFollow the rule of "less is more" with slide design.Don't use too much text or over-complicated charts.(aSlideShare Don't place an image in the center of a presentation slide.Instead,enlarge the image to ll the slide.@Buffer Book speaking engagements with a Pinterest board of your :1 Slideshare decks,your quotes,and photos.@ChicGeekAcademy ~.After delivering a presentation,share the Slideshare URL with your audience so they can review it later.(aMashableGet more mileage out of existing content by transforming it intoE a presentation for Slideshare.@CMlContent .Give your Slideshare deck a creative theme that captures the essence of your main idea.Try something fun!@Ethos3Use storytelling techniques in your presentation to keep viewers clicking to the next slide.(dSteamFeedCom 4i.The most common tags on Slideshare:business,market,trends, research,social media,and statistics.(aToddWheatlandCreate presentations for a specic audience.Know their Linterests.Know their concerns.Give solutions.(aEthos3 The opening slide must be punchy and well designed.It's the A 7 visual headline for the entire presentation.(aHerbertLuiMake your presentation easy to nd.Use tags,and select the 1 .most appropriate category for your topic.(aCanva " i .You can use 3,000 characters in Slideshare descriptions; ad the rst 160 characters are the most important.(1SewatchPeople love visual metaphors!Consider including one in your 2 , ; SlideShare deck to keep viewers engaged.@Ethos3 E 1 Boost your credibility.Embed your SlideShare content into your - Linkedln prole and long form posts.@Ethos3Mix it up.Add infographics,videos and documents to your Slideshare prole.(iSlideShare E.Write a creative title for your presentation.80% of readers never g5 get beyond the title.@HeidiCohenUnderstand the trafc flow to Slideshare.20% of visitors come to SlideShare directly from Google.ciCMO_com 3 Know the Slideshare audience.The most commonly searched f words are marketing,social media and Facebook.(aGAbramovichDesign like the pros.Use the "Rule of Thirds" when creating the E 4layout for your slides.@SlideShare ' E.When creating a chart for a presentation,edit intensely." Highlight only the critical information.@SlideShare5 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Presentation:Brainstorm,Moodboards,Design Comp,Full Draft,and Review.@SlideShareQ .Don't overwhelm your audience.Only present three main ideas t in a single presentation.(aEthos3Use creative stock photography to improve your presentations.Avoid photos that look fake or ridiculous.(