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360 Feedback User guides, helps you understand how to setup a 360 Feedback process, invite participants, design forms and Get started. Get insight on employee's performance from their senior, juniors and peers and also from external customers. See what they have to say, how they rate. To know more, log on to www.grosum.com


PowerPoint PresentationThings To DoEmployees & Reviewers 360 Reviews|Instant Feedback|AnalyticsAnytime, Anywhere, AnyoneWhat YOU get with360 FeedbackGroSumEveryones invitedWho & How many can give feedbackStandard TemplatesCustomized FormsRecipient & Respondent profile specific formsCustomized FormsRecipient & Respondent profile specific formsRelevant ReviewersChoose who can review whomNotifications & RemindersEasy FormsEasy entry & rating on screenEasy FormsCompare & rate across revieweesRanking & GradingSet performance buckets to grade scoresRanking & GradingAutomated scoring & grading11Performance AnalyzedSummarized & in-depth performance analysisFeedback DetailsAll feedback view for HR to analyzeAnalytics DeliveredEasy dashboard for performance snapshotsAnalytics DeliveredEasy dashboard for performance snapshotsAnalytics DeliveredDrilldown to compare & analyzeIf You Liked what you sawWant to see Feedback in actionNeed to know the true identity of this guyJust want to have a chat with us, cool peopleGroSum.comFind Us Here