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<ul><li><p>1. Make your post easy </p><p>to share!Use like </p><p>and share buttons.</p><p>2. Search on social feeds for questions your post answers. </p><p>Then share!</p><p>3. Book-mark post </p><p>with services like Onlywire.</p><p>4. Make a </p><p>slideshare presentation from post.</p><p>5. Use the </p><p>post as an article in a print maga-</p><p>zine.</p><p>6. Make a </p><p>video with Brainshark.</p><p>7. Create a banner on </p><p>your site for the post. 8. Print in an </p><p>offline newsletter!</p><p>9. Send in a personal email to </p><p>help a client.</p><p>10. Email in a </p><p>newsletter.</p><p>11. List post in </p><p>your email signature.</p><p>12. Segment </p><p>post and add to a drip marketing </p><p>campaign.13. Use the material in </p><p>a live lecture or </p><p>presentation.</p><p>14. Create </p><p>a podcast</p><p>15. Use the post as a chapter in a </p><p>guide.</p><p>16. Use on </p><p>your resource page </p><p>or FAQs.</p><p>17. Keep links on your desktop </p><p>for easy sharing with </p><p>clients.</p><p>18. Use </p><p>sources to impress! Memo-rize quotes and </p><p>figures.19. </p><p>Post in a Squidoo </p><p>lens.</p><p>20. Read to someone </p><p>outside your industry to gauge clarity.</p><p>21. Add as related </p><p>info on a product page.</p><p>22. Upload </p><p>post to docu-ment sharing </p><p>sites. 23. Optimize your post for </p><p>mobile devices.</p><p>24. Use a widget on </p><p>your site for top post in X </p><p>category.</p><p>25. Use your post as a </p><p>landing page for a paid search.</p><p>26. Make the </p><p>second half private and monetize the </p><p>post.</p><p>27. Reference post on the phone with a poten-</p><p>tial lead.</p><p>28. Write post </p><p>about a company or person to </p><p>leverage a new contact.</p><p>30. Use the post as a sample to get syndi-</p><p>cated.</p><p>29. Create </p><p>an updated version every six </p><p>months.</p><p>31. Rewrite for a guest post.</p><p>32. Revamp the core </p><p>content for a different audi-</p><p>ence.</p><p>33. Create a worksheet or </p><p>add to a workbook.</p><p>34. Quote your best advice </p><p>from the post around your </p><p>site.</p><p>35. Segment for a specific audience and use on a microsite.</p><p>36. Keep track of comments and leverage them for an </p><p>updated version.</p><p>37. Turn your post into a fun </p><p>infographic!</p><p>Content Marketing Land</p><p>Adven</p><p>tures in</p><p>37 WaystoRepurpose a Blog Post</p><p>Start</p><p>Finish</p><p>Social Media</p><p>City</p><p>The Fieldsof Tech</p><p>The Forestof Design</p><p>E-mailJunction</p><p>The Libraryof Knowledge</p><p>The Path ofAdvanced Writing</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$$</p><p>$</p><p>FinancialAlley</p><p>EqualsMoney.com</p><p>There are good posts, and then there are gems! </p><p>If you have a post that you particularly love, why not </p><p>repurpose it?</p><p>If your business caters to the offline world, </p><p>why not create a simple newsletter?</p><p>Segment a post and share small pieces over a few weeks </p><p>with drip marketing!</p><p>Use your post as a resource when clients and costumers need </p><p>information.</p><p>Use your post to increase your leads and professional contacts.</p><p>Is your post mobile-ready? According to LA Times, 25% of </p><p>Americans over 16 own a tablet!</p><p>Upload your post to sites like Scribd and </p><p>DocStore to make it easy to find!</p><p>Blogging is vital to the success of your site and business. It doesnt take long for your star posts to gather dust, but you can use these tools to keep the really good ones alive and kicking!</p></li></ul>