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  • #1Bookmark with services like Onlywire I dig Onlywire because it is so cheap and easy. I highly suggest you spend the time to fill out your profiles completely and add some unique content to each of your profiles once a month. The setup takes a while, but after that it is simply a click to do your bookmarking.

  • #2Create a podcast If you are using a WP site there are mounds of plugins that can easily work for your site. We use Buzzsprout and have the post author record each post they do. Podcasting can be a super simple way to get some serious traffic. Its a slow burn for sure but reading your posts out loud can help you connect with your audience and its a great way to hone your writing skills.

  • #3Email as a newsletter There are a ton of email marketing services out there, we use Delivra for our stuff. You cant assume that your audience will read your blog each and everyday. So, make sure to include your top or more popular pieces in your newsletter.

  • #4Print out in an offline newsletter If your business caters to the offline world then why not create a simple offline newsletter and add your top posts. If you have a brick and mortar you can hand them out at the register or just mail them to your frequent visitor. This is one of those connections that small business can do better than big business. Would you read a newsletter from Bayer? Yeah, thats why they dont send you one. But by sending a newsletter with practical advice to the previous clients of a small business you can make that transition from user to advocate much quicker!

  • #5Add to a drip marketing campaign Just be sure to segment it to a group other than your email newsletter.

  • #6Create an updated version each 6 months with new info Be sure to let people know it is updated when you share on social sites, etc.

  • #7Post in a Squidoo lens

  • #8Add the post as related info on a product page

  • #9Use in a guide as a full chapter Chances are that your post will work perfectly in a guide as a section or chapter.

  • #10Use as a source on your resource page or FAQ

  • #11Rewrite or revamp for a guest post

  • #12List your post in your email signature

  • #13Make your post into a slideshare presentation Youll see that Altimeter Group uses this incredibly effectively for their case studies and such.

  • #14Use the article in your print magazineThis type of content repurposing making a quarterly magazine is not nearly as expensive or difficult as you might think. And it leverages a huge amount of authority.

  • #15Make a slideshare type video with Brainshark This is a very economical option that lets you pay per presentation and provides analytics. Again, not for every post but if you have a few gems this is a great way to showcase them! Plus it doesnt take as much graphic related skills as you might think.

  • #16Create a banner on your site with the post as the landing page

  • #17Upload to doc sharing sites like DocStore and Scribd

  • #18Make sure that your content is easy to share Especially if you have a graphic. Provide a share this easily with the following code box so people are more inclined to share and give you props.

  • #19Send to a potential client as help As a small business owner you will know things that are bothering your clients. Instead of a newsletter you hope they will read send a genuine email with a little note and the post that answers a problem you know they have. Hint: If you dont want them to know you are giving them advice you can ask them to proof the article or provide feedback. Thats the way we do it in the South :)

  • #20Use as a point in a live lecture or presentation

  • #21Use on the phone with a potential lead Hey there, just checking in. We recently put up a post about X on our site. You should check it out. Its always a good thing to have something of value to offer a lead instead of just checking in for no good reason. And its always easier to send people to your main url than a long url.

  • #22Leverage a new connection with flattery Write a post about a company or person that you admire. Make it marketable to the general public but also be sure that person or company is aware of your efforts. We do this often with our weekly case study posts and other projects.

  • #23Keep the hyperlinks to these posts on your desktop or somewhere within easy reach That way when a potential client asks a question or you get an email from someone you can answer their question immediately and with a powerful post.

  • #24Use the post as a sample to get syndicated Or, if you are already syndicated by other sites of value then wait until that happens and then go to a potential syndication partner and show them your post and all the other places it has been.

  • #25Search on social feeds for the question your post answers Then, provide your post as the perfect solution. This is incredibly useful on Twitter and Quora.

  • #26Use the sources of your post to impress someone A few months back I found myself in an impromptu business meeting. The group of people were from completely outside our industry and were asking about content marketing. Since I had recently finished a post with a quote from Forbes about the Director of Content Marketing at Kraft Foods (Julie Fleischer) I impressed them like crazy. They dont know what backlinks are, but they do know Forbes.

  • #27Revamp or rewrite the same core content for a different audience profile. Oftentimes this is a simple change in perspective and terminology.

  • #28Create a worksheet or add to a type of workbook Im often impressed with how Ilise Benun does this for Marketing Mentor: www.marketing-mentor.com

  • #29Quote your best piece of advice from the post on your site or in promotional material

  • #30Use the post on a microsite or on a site that is segmented to a particular audience

  • #31Create a mobile application and optimize your post for mobile by making it searchable

  • #32Use your post as a landing page for paid search (Adwords) or paid discovery (StumbleUpon)

  • #33Use a widget on your site as top post in X category or latest in X sort of thing

  • #34Read the post over the phone to someone completely outside your industry to gauge its clarity I do this to my dad all the time. Especially if you are selling to newbies, this is incredibly helpful!

  • #35Keep track of the comments on your post and then leverage them for an updated version

  • #36Leave the second half of the post as private and monetize it. I cant say I am a huge fan of this technique but its out there. See it in action at Get Content Matters: click here!

  • #37Send a tweet to @Content_Money about how many of these steps you went through and Ill do something for you... not sure yet what it would be... but something!

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