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<p>Getting YouTube Views </p> <p>Worried that your video is not getting desired YouTube views? Relax; this is a common problem to many who upload their videos expecting a bustling traffic of views and comments. This rarely happens which calls for an alternative way to boost your views. There are two ways of increasing your views. Manually through your account and the second one is through buying YouTube Views.</p> <p>The title of your video plays a major role in determining the number of views you get. A catchy title can help you get a sizable number of YouTube views. When browsing around, a catchy title tends to attract the attention of a viewer prompting him/her to click on a video which means an added view. When creating a name for your video start with catchy words such as REVEALED followed by a short description of your video. Do not make your title too long since viewers might not bother reading. Some people use titles such as Hot XXX Babes though I highly discourage this technique, you might seem to be desperate.</p> <p>Keywords are arguably the biggest part of your video. When people are viewers are searching online, if anyone of the searched words are in your keyword, your video appears on the search results. It is advisable to put many keywords which correctly describe your video. Tools such as Google Suggest and Ad words can assist you come up with good keywords.</p> <p>Another option is to buy YouTube views. This, though criticized by some, is a source of fast YouTube views when interested in a large number of views within a short period of time. You might be busy with work or business and therefore you might not have time to increase your views manually, buying them might be an easier option. Buying them drastically increases your views and can even make your video be the most rated in YouTube. It is even possible to buy enough views to make your video appear on the landing page.</p> <p>Although buying YouTube viewers might be a simple and quick method of getting how to get youtube views, you should be careful with this alternative since some might not sell you fake viewers or spam viewers. Others might sell you static users who rarely visit YouTube. Buy from a trusted site preferably one that has done it for a long time. Client reviews can also assist one to choose a trustworthy firm.</p> <p>Thumbnails are an important part of you video. They show a snapshot at a point halfway through your video. Many people look at the thumbnail while browsing through videos. It is to your benefit to ensure it is of high quality and relates to your video. You can edit your video to enhance the quality of the thumbnail.</p> <p>No one wants to watch a blurred video. If it is of high quality, viewers will likely recommend it to others. Good quality content can also attract a sizable number of youtube views and how to buy youtube views.</p>