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  • 1. The 3c Company Launch New Gurgaon Green with - 3c Gurgaon | 3c NewProject In Gurgaon

2. The 3C Company presents a new residential Project at Sector 89 Gurgaon. 3cGurgaon offers 2/3/4 BHK apartments in affordable prices and that suits allelegance and style that you may need in your dream house with ultra moderninfrastructure is ready and waiting for us. If you dont like the traffic and noise ofthe city then 3c New Project Gurgaon can be your good choice. Every corner ofthe township reflects best architecture and innovative engineering. With brandedfixtures and state of the art amenities, the township offers a state-of-the-artbuilding with world-class specifications. 3c New Project Gurgaon gives you aperfect living atmosphere and let you make your life, a never ending bash.At present everyone is concerned for the investment in Real Estate Sector,because of boom in this segment. Investing in real estate gives assurance forfuture earnings and good returns. Almost all individuals are investing in propertywhether to use for commercial, residential or resale etc. Presence of severalrenowned builders, who are coming up and are launching several projectsregularly by keeping in mind luxurious requirement and standard of living. Almostall projects are approved and sectioned by banks for availing loan. 3c NewProjects In Gurgaon is new project which has been Located Sector 89 Gurgaon.There are several players in this field i.e. Real Estate Business like Builders,Bankers, Financial Institutes, Insurance Companies, End-Users etc. 3cGurgaon who are participating in every project. All projects are no doubt offeringvarious world class modern amenities inside its premises. Builders and developersare busy in designing amazing eye catching structure, but there are only certainbuilders who keep in mind the disaster of natural calamity and design theirbuildings layout accordingly. In India, although all upcoming projects are comingup with several modern amenities but the chances of safety during naturalcalamities are very less, future or uncertain danger is almost ignored. 3c NewProjects has been launched at sector 89 In Gurgaon.Real estate projects are highly in demand because; it generates huge profit andturnover within a year or two. Every investor is making money in return ofinvestment made for any real estate project and same is for builders who arelaunching projects in various segments according to the requirements ofprospective clients. 3c New Projects in Gurgaon has promised to give all theamenities. Buildings in Delhi and Mumbai are not Earthquake Resistant, which is a 3. natural calamity and it is very tough to fight against it and to save from it.So theFlats in Gurgaon by 3c There are some builders who have started thinking forsafety against any natural calamity and started constructing buildings and projectsaccording to the same.Buildings are based on life safety layout, which help to prevent collapse andserious damage. People should consider this serious matter before investing inany project to safe and keep themselves away from any serious disaster. 3cResidential Projects Gurgaon There are several professionals, designers andengineers who always come up with new studies and plans to build real estateprojects as Earthquake Resistant to keep the people safe. People should alwaysfeel good and secure inside the premises of residential, commercial or any otherproject where they are residing or spending time or where they have investedpurchased. Project should be based on low risk and high return formula to givemore assurance for harmless life.About 3c Developers: -The 3C Company is a pioneer in conceiving and executing Green Developments inDelhi and NCR. With the prime focus on delivering state of the art energy efficientbuildings the group has already delivered over 12 Million Sq. Ft. of nichedevelopments and is presently working on projects worth over Rs. 15000/-Crores. The 3C Company is the only team in Asia which has to its credit ThreePLATINUM Rated & FOUR GOLD rated LEED CERTIFIED GREEN BUILDINGS byUSGBC (United States Green Building Council)The 3C Company brings together the unparalleled occurrence of three nationallyacclaimed professionals from the fields of Architecture - Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj,Construction - Mr. Surpreet Suri and Development - Mr. Nirmal Singh. It was theirfar sightedness that has led them to be pioneers of environment friendlycreations. Led by these three highly qualified and experienced specialists is ateam of 400 professionals working towards the cause of reducing the carbon 4. footprint on the earth.The unique identity of 3C is driven by the motto of "Creating, Caring andConserving" which also reflects their USP - Environment Friendly Creations. 3Cworks on a dynamic integrated business model that provides an end-to-endsolution to its clients. Through the in-house teams - Architecture, Engineering,Project Management, Interior Designing and Facility Management (individualprofit units) the company has executed impressive projects in all realty verticals -Offices, Residences, Hotels, Hospitals etc. 3C is also contributing towardsproviding world class education facilities for young minds by developing andsuccessfully running LOTUS VALLEY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Noida & Gurgaon.Today when, a lot of major players in the construction and development industryare still accumulating their resources to develop environment friendlyconstruction solutions The 3C Company has already set very high standards andcreated benchmarks in the concept of GREEN CONSTRUCTION for others tofollow. Pledged towards reducing the carbon footprint on the earth, the companyhas been creating buildings that are truly sustainable in form, function and use.These sustainable developments not only use far less natural resources andenergy in the process they are built but are also more durable and require lessmaintenance. 5. If You Have Any Property Solution Plz @ Call 9910007460 Prop World