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book about stereoscopy


  • 3D Cinematography. The theory behind stereo perception, camera

    work and how to create 3D imagery.

    17th April, 2012

  • 3D Cinematography

    Technological re-

  • 3D Cinematography

    A brief history ... Current 3-D cinema has roots in 1950s 3-D films.

    -D was initially used in the 1950s later replaced by anaglyph glasses (Red and Cyan).

    3-D has had a number of revivals later in the 20th century.

    For technological and economical reasons it never became a serious genre.

  • 3D Cinematography

  • 3D Cinematography

    1960s/70s/80s Revivals ...

  • 3D Cinematography

    So, why has 3-D re-emerged?

    There are certain motivations and technological forces that

    brought about this new revival of 3-D.

  • 3D Cinematography

    Cinema adapting to survive. The widescreen format was a response to the advent of

    television (16:9, cinemascope).

  • 3D Cinematography

    Threats to the cinema experience. The gameing industry has over taken the cinema industry in

    recent years.

  • 3D Cinematography

    File Sharing. Prior example: The widescreen format was a response to the

    advent of television (16:9, cinemascope)

  • 3D Cinematography

    Stereo-cinema: A -

  • 3D Cinematography

    Advances in Technologies also helped ...

    Shooting technology

    Post-production technology

    Display technology

    Enough interest and ticket sales

    Enough cinemas using the technology

  • 3D Cinematography

    Financial milestone (Summer 2010)

    $2.8 Billion worldwide box office takings

    81% of that is from the 3-D version

    64% regular 3-D cinema

    17% IMAX cinema

  • 3D Cinematography

    The future of 3-D?

    Is 3-D really a new evolution of cinema?

    Will 3-D come and go (again)?

    Is 3- -D be


  • 3D Cinematography

    -D cinema without

    these two elements: stories really ben-

    efiting from 3-D and fully developed 3-D

    Bernard Mendiburu

  • 3D Cinematography

    Why does 3-D work?


  • 3D Cinematography

    Why does 3-D work?