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This presentation describes in detail about 3d printing and various stages in it .. It also describes about organ printing.. how it is used in hummer , M1 tank, Xerox company .. This presentation can be useful to take seminars and paper presentations and it will fetch you awards.. Download it


  • AgendaIntroductionWorkflowBenefitsApplicationsSuccess stories

  • What is 3D printing?

    Its one rapid prototyping technologiesIt creates physical models from CAD and other digital datalayer by layerIts widely used, especially in product designingIt reduces a lot of time and costIts a developing technology

  • What is prototyping? Prototyping is a cycle that producers or designing teams make models for end users to test, evaluate, or debug, and get feedbacks then revise or redesign at the pre-production.

  • Rapid prototypingStereolithography (1988)Fused Deposition Modeling(1990) Selective Laser Sintering(1992)3D Printing (1997)

    Q: Why 3D printing has become the most popular one?Ans: faster and more inexpensive

  • WORK FLOWCAD,Mayo, Rhino.3D ModelsSpecialized software3D PrinterPowder removalHeating / Curing Polymer / MetalInfiltrationPre-processProcessPost-process

  • Pre-process



  • Algorithm of the process

  • 3DP in Action

  • Post-process (Finishing)

  • Benefits of 3D printing

  • ApplicationsMarketing -Packaging-Product prototypesIndustries-Models-Building DesignEducation-Visual realizationMedicine-???Other uses-Reconstructing Fossils in Paleontology-Replicating ancient artifacts

  • Organ printing

  • 3D Printing Success StoryXerox Limited produces new-generation printers, copiers, and document centers. The Xerox design team looked to a 3D printer to help improve their efficiency at producing prototype parts by moving away from the traditional machining function.

  • 3D Printing Success Story

  • 3D Printing Success Story

  • SourcesArticles:The object of 3D printing from Advertising & Marketing ReviewPrinters produce copies in 3D from BBC NEWS 'Gadget printer' promises industrial revolution from NewScientist.com

    Major 3D printer companies:Z Corporation3D SystemXpress3D

  • SL: Laser on solidified liquitFDM: liquified wax from extrusion nozzleSLS: use laser to fuse together small particles of plastic, metal, or ceramic powerZCorp Plaster Powder - Hi-res plaster based material which is infiltrated with a cyanoacrylate or an epoxy resin which adds considerable strength. Parts using this material can be built with multiple colors within the same part.

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