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    IN THIS CHAPTEROverriding the keyboard


    Using the Hotkey Map

    Main interface shortcuts

    Dialog box shortcuts

    Character Studio shortcuts

    Miscellaneous shortcuts

    3ds Max 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

    The key to working efficiently with Max is learning the keyboard shortcuts. If you know the keyboard shortcuts, you dont need to spend time mov-ing the mouse cursor all around the interface; you can simply press a key-board shortcut and get instant access to commands and tools.

    Using Keyboard ShortcutsMost of the major dialog boxes, such as the Material Editor and the Track View, have their own set of keyboard shortcuts. When the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle button on the main toolbar is enabled, keyboard shortcuts work for both the main interface and the separate dialog boxes. If there is a conflict, the dialog boxs shortcut takes precedence.

    For example, in the main Max window, the A key toggles the Angle Snap feature on and off, but in the Track ViewCurve Editor window, the A key enables Add Keys mode. If the Curve Editor is open and the Keyboard Shortcut Override tog-gle is enabled, then the Add Keys mode is enabled. If the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle is off, then the Angle Snap is activated.

    If you want to change any of the keyboard shortcuts, the Customize User Interface dialog box includes a Keyboard panel for making changes. You can open this dialog box using the Customize Customize User Interface command.

    Cross-RefChapter 4, Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences, offers more details on creating custom keyboard shortcuts. n

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  • 3ds Max 2011 Bible


    Using the Keyboard Shortcut MapIn the Help menu, you can find the Keyboard Shortcut Map menu command that opens an interactive win-dow, shown in Figure 1, and displays all the current keyboard shortcuts for the main interface.

    NoteThe Keyboard Shortcut Map window is a Flash-enabled application that runs within a Web browser. n

    Moving the mouse cursor over the keyboard displayed in the lower-right corner of the Keyboard Shortcut Map window highlights the respective section of the keyboard and displays all keyboard shortcuts associ-ated with those keys. The icon in the upper-right corner refreshes the interface, and the arrow icon in the lower-right corner cycles through all the keys.

    FIGURE 1

    The Keyboard Shortcut Map window displays keyboard shortcuts interactively.

    Main Interface ShortcutsTables 1 through 17 present the shortcut keys for the main interface.

    TABLE 1

    MenusCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    File New Scene Ctrl+N Views Set Active Viewport Bottom


    File Open File Ctrl+O Views Set Active Viewport Left L

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  • Bonus Chapter 2: 3ds Max 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts


    Command Shortcut Command Shortcut

    File Save File Ctrl+S Views ViewCube Show the ViewCube


    File Asset Tracking Shift+T Views ViewCube Home Alt+Ctrl+H

    Edit Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z Views SteeringWheels Toggle SteeringWheels


    Edit Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+Y Views SteeringWheels Tour Building Wheel


    Edit Hold Ctrl+H Views Match Camera To View Ctrl+C

    Edit Fetch Alt+Ctrl+F Views Viewport Background Viewport Background


    Edit Delete Objects Delete Views Viewport Background Update Background Image


    Edit Clone Ctrl+V Views Adaptive Degradation O

    Edit Move W Views Expert Mode Toggle Ctrl+X

    Edit Rotate E Animation Parameter Editor Alt+1

    Tool Transform Type-In F12 Animation Parameter Collector Alt+2

    Edit Select All Ctrl+A Animation Wire Parameters Wire Parameters


    Edit Select None Ctrl+D Animation Wire Parameters Parameter Wire Dialog


    Edit Select Invert Ctrl+I Graph Editors Particle View 6

    Edit Select Similar Ctrl+Q Rendering Render Shift+Q

    Edit Select by Name H Rendering Render Scene F10

    Edit Open Explorer: Container Explorer Alt+Ctrl+O Rendering Environment 8

    Tool Isolate Selection Alt+Q Rendering Advanced Lighting 9

    Tool Align Align Alt+A Rendering Render to Texture 0 (zero)

    Tool Align Quick Align Shift+A Rendering Material Editor M

    Tool Align Spacing Tool Shift+I Customize Lock User Interface Alt+0 (zero)

    Tool Align Normal Align Alt+N Customize Show UI Show/Hide Main Toolbar


    Tools Grids and Snaps Snaps Toggle S MAXScript MAXScript Listener F11

    Tools Grids and Snaps Angle Snap Toggle

    A File Menu Alt+F

    Tools Grids and Snaps Percent Snap Toggle

    Shift+Ctrl+P Edit Menu Alt+E

    Tools Grids and Snaps Snaps Use Axis Constraints

    Alt+D, Alt+F3 Tools Menu Alt+T

    Views Undo View Change Shift+Z Group Menu Alt+G


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  • 3ds Max 2011 Bible


    TABLE 1 (continued)

    Command Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Views Redo View Change Shift+Y Views Menu Alt+V

    Views Set Active Viewport Redraw All Views

    ` Create Menu Alt+C

    Views Set Active Viewport Perspective

    P Rendering Menu Alt+R

    Views Set Active Viewport Orthographic

    U Customize Menu Alt+U

    Views Set Active Viewport Front F MAXScript Menu Alt+M

    Views Set Active Viewport Top T Help Menu Alt+H

    TABLE 2

    Main and Floating ToolbarsCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Undo Ctrl+Z Snap to Edge/Segment Toggle Alt+F10

    Redo Ctrl+Y Snap to Face Toggle Alt+F11

    Select Object Q Snap to Frozen Objects Toggle Alt+F2

    Select by Name H Snaps Use Axis Constraints Toggle Alt+D, Alt+F3

    Rectangle, Circle, Fence, Lasso Selection Cycle

    Ctrl+F, Q Snap Type Cycle Alt+S

    Select and Move W Snap Hit Cycle Alt+Shift+S

    Select and Rotate E Align Alt+A

    Select and Scale R Normal Align Alt+N

    Scale Cycle R, Ctrl+E Place Highlight Ctrl+H

    Snap Toggle S Material Editor M

    Angle Snap Toggle A Render Scene F10

    Snap Percent Shift+Ctrl+P Quick Render Shift+Q

    Snap to Grid Point Toggle Alt+F5 Restrict to X F5

    Snap to Pivot Toggle Alt+F6 Restrict to Y F6

    Snap to Vertex Toggle Alt+F7 Restrict to Z F7

    Snap to Endpoint Toggle Alt+F8 Restrict Plane Cycle F8

    Snap to Midpoint Toggle Alt+F9

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  • Bonus Chapter 2: 3ds Max 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts


    TABLE 3

    ViewportsCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Front View F View Edged Faces F4

    Top View T Polygon Counter 7

    Bottom View B Sound Toggle \

    Left View L Show Safeframes Shift+F

    Perspective View P Default Lighting Ctrl+L

    Isometric User View U See-Through Display Alt+X

    Camera View C Redraw All Views `

    Light View Shift+4 ($) Offset Snap Alt+Ctrl+Spacebar

    Disable Viewport D Show/Hide Cameras Shift+C

    Viewports Pop-up Menu V Show/Hide Geometry Shift+G

    Background Lock Toggle Alt+Ctrl+B Show/Hide Grids G

    Dynamic Resizing Drag viewport borders

    Show/Hide Helpers Shift+H

    Transform Gizmo Toggle X Show/Hide Lights Shift+L

    Transform Gizmo Size Down - Show/Hide Particle Systems Shift+P

    Transform Gizmo Size Up = Show/Hide Shapes Shift+S

    Shade Selected Subobject Faces F2 Show/Hide Space Warps Shift+W

    Wireframe/Smooth+Highlights Toggle F3 Show/Hide Floating dialog boxes Ctrl+`

    TABLE 4

    Key and Time ControlsCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Selection Lock Toggle Spacebar Backup Time One Unit , (comma)

    Auto Key Mode N Forward Time One Unit . (period)

    Set Key Mode ' Go to Start Frame Home

    Set Keys K Go to End Frame End

    Play / Stop Animation /

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  • 3ds Max 2011 Bible


    TABLE 5

    Viewport Navigation ControlsCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Zoom Mode Alt+Z Zoom Viewport In [ or scroll wheel forward

    Zoom Extents Alt+Ctrl+Z Zoom Viewport Out ] or scroll wheel backward

    Zoom Extents All Shift+Ctrl+Z Pan View Ctrl+P or drag with middle button

    Zoom Extents Selected All Z Interactive Pan I (held down)

    Zoom In 2X Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Z Walk Through mode Up arrow

    Zoom Out 2X Alt+Shift+Z Arc Rotate Ctrl+R, Alt+drag with middle button

    Zoom Region Mode Ctrl+W Min/Max Toggle Alt+W

    TABLE 6

    Walk Through ModeCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Forward W, Up Arrow Decelerate Z

    Back S, Down Arrow Increase Step Size ]

    Left A, Left Arrow Decrease Step Size [

    Right D, Right Arrow Reset Step Size Alt+[

    Up E, Shift+Up Arrow Level Shift+Spacebar

    Down C, Shift+Down Arrow Lock Vertical Rotation Spacebar

    Accelerate Q

    TABLE 7

    QuadmenusCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Animation Quadmenu Alt+right mouse click Viewports Quadmenu V

    Lighting/Rendering Quadmenu

    Ctrl+Alt+right mouse click reactor Quadmenu Shift+Alt+right mouse click

    Modeling Quadmenu Ctrl+right mouse click Custom 2 Quadmenu Shift+Ctrl+Alt+right mouse click

    Snap Quadmenu Shift+right mouse click Custom 3 Quadmenu Shift+Ctrl+right mouse click

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  • Bonus Chapter 2: 3ds Max 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts


    TABLE 8

    Virtual ViewportCommand Shortcut Command Shortcut

    Virtual Viewport Toggle / (nume

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