3M™ TAPE - MASKING - Aircraft Spruce Specialty Co ?? TAPE - MASKING 3M™ ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE 425 Dead-soft aluminum foil tape. Applications ... 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471, ideal for masking, wrapping or

Download 3M™ TAPE - MASKING - Aircraft Spruce  Specialty Co ?? TAPE - MASKING 3M™ ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE 425 Dead-soft aluminum foil tape. Applications ... 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471, ideal for masking, wrapping or

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<ul><li><p>457Prices Subject to Change Without Notice</p><p>CM</p><p>WP</p><p>ME</p><p>HA</p><p>AP</p><p>LG</p><p>EP</p><p>CS</p><p>IN</p><p>EL</p><p>AV</p><p>TO</p><p>PS</p><p>BV</p><p>WWW.AIRCRAFTSPRUCE.COM</p><p> 3M TAPE - MASKING</p><p>3M ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE 425</p><p>Dead-soft aluminum foil tape. Applications include masking of sensitive components to protect from damage during aircraft paint strip-ping. In white goods appliances, tape provides </p><p>an excellent moisture barrier, helps reflect and dissipate heat.</p><p>3M HAND MASKER KIT Tape guide pin molded into the M3000 KML frame. Guide pin aids tracking of the masking tape onto masking paper while dispensing. Tack-Down Tape Dispenser (PN06789) allows easy on-off mounting. </p><p>Provides fingertip access to an extra roll of masking tape. Includes 12 cut off blade. Making film is not included with dispenser. P/N 09-01442 ..................$58.75</p><p>3M SCOTCH SAFERELEASE BLUE PAINTERS MASKING TAPE 2090 Ideal for long-term masking projects when tape must be left on for up to a week. Removes cleanly and easily for up to seven days without leaving adhesive residue.</p><p>3M VHB TAPE 4950 45.0 mil thick, white closed cell acrylic foam carrier with all purpose acrylic adhesive and paper liner. High strength, handling convenience, cushioning, damping and impact resistance. UL listing 746C.</p><p>3M DOUBLE COATEDFILM TAPE 415 </p><p>A medium-firm, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive that featuring an excellent balance of good initial adhesion (quick stick) and good shear holding power. It is ideal for bonding together a wide variety and dis-similar materials such as metals, glass, wood, paints, and many plastics.</p><p>Size Color Part No. Price</p><p>1x36yds White 09-01360 $114.75</p><p>2x36yds White 09-01389 $239.95</p><p>Size Color Part No. Price2x36yds White 09-01343 $48.50</p><p>3M SCOTCH HIGH PERFORMANCE MASKING TAPE 232</p><p>A high performance paper masking tape to be used in the medium temperature paint bake operation. A smooth crepe paper tape that is treated with a heat and solvent resistant coating.</p><p>Size Part No. Price48MM 09-01340 $5.6572MM 09-01331 $8.60</p><p>3M SCOTCH STEEL GRAY MASKING PAPER </p><p>Strong, flexible and pliable. Formulated to resist pen-etrations of solvents, lacquers or enamels. Comes in 1000 rolls.</p><p>3M SCOTCH FINE LINE TAPE 218This 3M tape is particularly suitable for pin striping, multicolor and other custom painting applications. It is a thin, conformable green polypropylene film tape with a special finish that resists paint runoff. The adhesive adheres instantly and offers good holding power, </p><p>resists lifting and curling. Stretchable and easy to handle. Provides an extremely fine color-line separation for decorative painting of aircraft. Scotch No. 218.</p><p>Width Length Part No. Price</p><p>1/8 60 Yards 09-20200 $14.50</p><p>1/4 60 Yards 09-20300 $10.75</p><p>1/2 60 Yards 09-20400 $12.50</p><p>3/4 60 Yards 09-20500 $15.75</p><p>1 60 Yards 09-01348 $19.50</p><p>Size P/N Price</p><p>1.5 x 60 Yards 09-01382 $41.50</p><p>1 x 60 Yards 09-01381 $29.85</p><p>2 x 60 Yards 09-01383 $59.75</p><p>3 x 60 Yards 09-01385 $86.75</p><p>3/4 x 60 Yards 09-01386 $22.50</p><p>3M VINYL TAPE3M Vinyl Tape 471, ideal for masking, wrapping or sealing many curved or irregular surfaces, excellent for many lane and safety marking applications, ideal for color coding, abrasion protection, decoration and splicing applications</p><p>Color Size Part No. Price</p><p>Blue 2 x 36 Yards 09-01344 $17.90</p><p>Black 2 x 36 Yards 09-02179 $39.50</p><p>White 1 x 36 Yards 09-02076 $19.50</p><p>Size Part No. Price3/4 09-01420 $3.601 09-01421 $4.50</p><p>Size Part No. Price1-1/2 09-01422 $6.80</p><p>2 09-01423 $8.75</p><p>Description Part No. PriceGray Masking Paper 12 09-01353 $56.90Gray Masking Paper 18 09-01354 $89.75Gray Masking Paper 24 09-01355 $119.95Gray Masking Paper 36 09-01356 $179.75</p><p>3M MASKING POLY TAPE 5903 (RED)5903 is a poly tape comprised of heavy duty polyethylene film and synthetic rubber adhesive. It is UV weather resistant and removes cleanly for up to a month with little or no adhesive residue on most opaque surfaces without deteriorating or fading. Used for window and door masking, outdoor holding </p><p>and protecting surfaces including stucco, concrete, brick, and a variety of construction surfaces where removability is important. P/N 09-02136 ...................$10.50</p><p>3M ALUMINUM PROP TAPE3M Aluminum Foil Tape 427, dead-soft aluminum foil backing, excellent heat and light reflection to protect against high temperatures and U.V. degradation. The foil also serves as an excellent barrier against moisture, dust, flame, and certain chemicals as used in aircraft paint stripping masking. Acrylic adhesive supplies superior temperature, U.V. and solvent </p><p>resistance. It provides excellent age life and is ideal for harsh, long-term outdoor environments. Meets F.A.R 25.853(a), O447 **Sold by the Foot** P/N 15-04831 .....................$0.65</p></li></ul>