4 easy ways to integrate your cloud-based and on-premise apps with servicenow

Download 4 Easy Ways to Integrate Your Cloud-based and On-Premise Apps with ServiceNow

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4 Easy Ways to Integrate Your Cloud-based or On-Premise Apps with ServiceNowFeaturing SynQServiceNow Integration Platform

powered by Informatica

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Integrate your Cloud-based or On-Premise Apps with ServiceNow in 4 easy steps:


STEP 1. Define

Define Your disparate legacy apps that

dont connect with each other

difficult and take weeks or longer to get a 360 view reports

hard to use for business and lot of work for IT

cause frustration among your employees

deteriorate productivity

STEP 2. Connect

Connect Your Apps withServiceNow

What is ServiceNow ?

one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms in recent years

leading service management platform

automates business processes for IT, Support, HR, and Facilities teams

Connect using

powered by Informatica Cloud platform

integrates ServiceNow with a host of cloud and on-premise applications

Features:Visual modeling and mappingEasy to manage 6-step Integration processCloud-based rapid Integration

Why ?

works as simple as point and click

no coding required

quickens integration from months to just days

allows bi-directional syncing

provides simplified experience

can also be used for

data replicationdata migration

What Apps Can SynQ Seamlessly Integrate?

NAME IT.It can be

SAP Solution Manager & ServiceNow

Your CompanySecure AgentBAPI

More control across your development lifecycleIntegrates both platforms for increased control and visibility across your development processesBrings your IT and Dev teams to work more closely with each otherSyncs requests across both toolsSAP Solution Manager & ServiceNow

SolarWinds and ServiceNow

Your CompanySecure Agent

Enables a unified CMDB managementGives more control over your IT infrastructureOffers one source of truthGreatly improves decision making

SolarWinds and ServiceNow

Relational Databases & ServiceNow

Your CompanySecure Agent

Obtain better visibility into service managementEasily migrate data from relational database to ServiceNowEasily update data in both systems in parallelSales teams can have visibility into support issuesPush support tickets from ServiceNow to their relational databaseKeep track of the status support tickets from apps that use relational databasesMove incident records from ServiceNow to RDBMS

Relational Databases & ServiceNow

Jira and ServiceNow

Your CompanySecure Agent

Jira and ServiceNow

Provides greater visibility between two Supports SystemsGives complete visibility to various support teams in the organizationBreaks the silos between teamsImproves productivityHelps automate workflowsReduces bottlenecks in communicationIdeal for enterprise looking to drive higher levels of efficiency

STEP 3. Sync

Sync Data and Processes using SynQ

SynQ enables you to:

Easily define source and target connections

Apply any data filters on the source data

Map source and target object fields easily

Schedule real-time or batch integration processes

STEP 4. Maintain

Maintain with ease

SynQ makes maintenance of your integrated apps simpler.We can help you introduce new models for and new ways of doing integration.

With SynQ - ServiceNow Integration Platform, integration of your cloud-based and on-premise apps can be done in 4 easy steps:





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