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    4 Fun Ways to Display PhotosFrom baby pictures to vacation pictures, images of family and friends are treasures that arekept for a lifetime. They make great gifts and add cheer and warmth to the interiors of ourhomes. Below are four fun ways to display your favorite photos.1. Display photos on a 1"-2" wide ribbon using self-adhesive Velcro circles or squares:? Select desired photos and trim if necessary.? Select ribbon and cut to desired length.? Place self-adhesive Velcro on the back of the photos.? Arrange photos on ribbon and be sure to press Velcro firmly in place.? If desired, decorate open spaces of ribbon with beads, buttons, glitter, etc.? Tie a bow at the top of the ribbon.2. Refrigerator Photo Magnets:? Select photo and cut out to desired size. You might want to make a copy of the photo touse in place of the original photo.? Using photo-safe glue, attach the photo to a piece of medium to heavy weight cardboard.? Cut the cardboard to the same size as photo. You can use regular or decorative edgedcraft scissors. This is the step where you can get really creative! Instead of cutting thecardboard the same size as the photo, leave a border around the photo and decorate withbeads, miniature flowers, etc.? Using craft glue, attach a magnet to the back of the cardboard and press firmly in place.Allow glue to dry completely.3. Photo Collage:? Purchase a frame and a mat or poster board that will fit inside the frame.? Select photos to be used and arrange (overlapping) on the mat or poster board.? Using decorative edged craft scissors, trim around photos in fun designs and shapes, suchas hearts or circles.? Using photo-safe glue, attach photos to mat or poster board in the desired arrangement.? Allow glue to dry and place finished collage inside the frame.4. Photo Standups:? Select photo and enlarge on a color copier until the person or image is at least 5 inches tall.? Using craft glue or a glue stick, attached the copied image to a piece of heavy card stock orfoamboard.? Carefully cut out around image.? To display the photo standup ? use fun picture clips, attach a magnet to the back, orpurchase (from a craft store) a precut, slotted strip of wood or plastic to hold photos upright.You can also make a stand from the heavy card stock or foamboard.? These photo standups are also great for decorating packages or using as centerpieces forparty decorations.As you can see, these four inexpensive ways to display your favorite photos can be a lot offun to create. Get your children involved and make some unique gifts to give to your family

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