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Evaluation response by Ali Fayyaz


  • 1. Ali Fayyaz

2. Research & Planning - iMac For research and planning the new media technologies I used was the iMac computer and I used it for researching music videos, planning for our music video and for writing on our blogs. The benefits of using the iMac Computer over the PC is that the iMac is used more for editing than the PC which helped me because we already had the software that we needed to edit our video. The software we used was called Final Cut Pro, which allowed us to cut, add effects and sync our footage in time with the lyrics of the song. This helped me a lot because it made it easier for us to edit the video and it told us what she was singing so we could time our artist in match with the song. The benefits of using this program is that it offered us a wider range of editing tools and features, for example, split screen, black and white effect and speeding up action. Therefore, if we didn't have access to final cut pro we would of had to use iMovie which has much less editing features compared to final cut pro. Another benefit of using the iMac over the PC was that I had certain useful software's available to me such as Adobe and iMovie, which is already built in the iMac for me to use. 3. Research Internet The internet benefitted me as in this digital age, the internet is commonly used and is now a way for people to access whatever they want online such as to look at music videos, I just have to go online on websites like YouTube which is a benefit as it saves me time. If I don't go online I would have to use the TV and go on music channels and wait for the right video to show. Another benefit is that online I can re-wind, pause and forward the music video which is so helpful during researching and analysing. This is because if I miss anything I can go back and look at it again or even once I see anything I like I can pause the video and then write what I saw as part of my analysis. For my digipak research if I didn't have the internet I would of had to go to a record shop and look at the CD's there and buy them just so I can go and analyse them for my research. This is time consuming and expensive as I would need to analyse 3 digipaks and pay for them. It would be the same with analysing posters of the front cover of an album and buying newspapers which may show the album inside. Although, this can lead to a problem as images in newspapers are normally in black and white. This will make it harder for me to analyse the digipak because if it's a dark coloured digipak I would barely be a able to see it. But because I have the benefit of using the internet I can go on websites like Google and type in an artist like Leona Lewis and look at the pictures of her album online for analysing. I don't have to spend money to see them, I can just save them and talk about them at the same time. This saves money and time and lets me access it whenever I need to. 4. Research iMac & (Internet) YouTube The iMac also allowed me to use internet for going on websites like YouTube to watch and analyse music videos. This increased the level of efficiency as we were able to understand the conventions in our genre, which we would then use to help us put these conventions in our media product. But even before we used YouTube I was a frequent user so I knew a lot of stuff before hand and this came as a benefit for me because I already knew what to do so it became really easy for me to use. YouTube was an important part for our product because we used it for importing our product onto it, which allowed people to view and give us their feedback on it. But we also used it for researching music videos that was in the same genre of our song which was the 'Pop' genre. This let me gain a deeper understanding of what goes in the 'Pop' genre. Due to the way, I analysed the artist in the pop song and the song itself. I also analysed how both the artist and song link together to form a successful pop song. I wanted to research some of the reoccurring themes which appear in their videos in order to help me with my media product. 5. Research iMac & (Internet) YouTube In addition, YouTube allowed us to add Pop music videos on our blogs to help support our analyse from researching music videos using Goodwins Theory. It allowed us to embed the videos on our blogs and also helped me with my analysis by letting me watch the video and pause it at any time to give me the time to write about what key point I saw. The benefits of using websites like YouTube is that it is free to use and it has so many videos to choose from which was good because it expanded my options of pop videos. The fact that we can access it at anytime on many devices such as on our computers, phones, tablet and even on our TV (SMART TV's) helped us as it gave us more platforms to watch on. Moreover, it helped to put music videos on our blogs to help us with our analysis such as with the codes and conventions of pop songs. Furthermore, If YouTube did not exist then it would have been harder for me to watch music videos because then I would of had to go on my TV and wait for the song I wanted to come which would take time. Also, it wouldn't give me more options of music videos to chose from compared to YouTube. 6. For research I looked at real pop artists actual Twitter and Facebook accounts to give us an idea on how to represent our artist online for people around to the world to see. For Planning I set up a Twitter and Facebook account for our artist and I used this because almost every pop artist out there has a social network account. So they were created to help market our artist. There is even a Twitter feed on the website of live tweets from our artist which was implemented because from researching websites, all the pop artist had them on their websites. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has taken over marketing online as there are millions of users who own an account. This form of new media technology was used to make our artist appear as real as possible and to market her for free in order to get her recognised for our audience to see. Research iMac & (Internet) Social Networks 7. Planning HD Video Camera For planning, another new media technology we used was a HD video camera and we used this to film our storyboard in order to create an anamatic of our media product. This helped us to visualise what kind of shots we were planning to use such as close ups, mid shots, long shots and tracking shots, etc. After filming and editing the anamatic on Final Cut Pro we uploaded it onto YouTube because we wanted to put it onto our blogs and so we had to embed it through YouTube. We didn't just use the HD video Camera for our anamatic, we also used it for more location shots and for filming our preliminary task. 8. Planning 3G Phone Another new media technology which help me a lot and was useful during the planning stage was a 3G phone. This allowed me to take photos of the locations and upload them directly to my blog by using the Internet on my phone. The advantages of using 3G phones is that it has a camera installed, fast speed internet and has easy to use features. Also, the way it allows me to upload a file straight onto YouTube through the internet. 9. Planning iMac & (Internet) Blogger For planning, the internet helped me write blogs by letting me access Blogger (www.blogger.com) which is a website where we had to make blogs before, during and after our media product. It was there to help us get inspiration and figure out how we are going to film, etc. I accessed blogger through the iMac, my PC at home and even through my Mobile Phone. For planning it let me upload my plans onto my blog such as showing how the digipak was going to look. I also let me add images of location shots of where we were planning to shoot. Allowing me to use Blogger for planning benefitted me because once I save it I can access my posts anywhere that has the internet so if I need to change something I can go online anywhere and change it without any hassle. 10. Construction Adobe Photoshop For Construction, I used Adobe Photoshop for creating the digipak instead of using the more simple software called Paint. The reason I used Photoshop was because it allowed me to do more effects, edit and design the images better as it would give it a more professional look than Paint would. I had never used Photoshop before and to use it for the first time on an iMac was hard at first because I'm used to using Windows but I have really expanded my knowledge, skills and have developed an expertise in creating images in Photoshop. At the beginning when I started using Photoshop I did struggle but as I started using it every day to create the digipak, my skills became better. The first cover I created was the front cover and when I made it, it was not that great but the more I was using Photoshop the more it was benefitting me as I was improving. After, I recreated the front cover after learning some techniques and using the different tools that where available to me. The tools were extremely helpful to me because if it wasn't for them then the images wouldn't have looked so great. 11. One of the tools I used was the 'Clone Stamp Tool' which I used a lot throughout creating the digipak. This tool allows me to copy anything and implement it anywhere on the image, but it was very useful for blending in the background and extending the background. The panel that used the 'Clone Stamp Tool' the most was the back cover because the image I originally used for it wouldn't take up the whole frame as it wasn't wide enough. So I used this tool to copy the background and to extend the width of the image so it would take up the whole frame. At the end it proved to be effective as the extended area on the background looked as it was already part of it. Also, this tool doesn't make it obvious that it has been copied on to


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