4 secrets - amazon web services 3. leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any...

4 Secrets - Amazon Web Services 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy
4 Secrets - Amazon Web Services 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy
4 Secrets - Amazon Web Services 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy
4 Secrets - Amazon Web Services 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy
Download 4 Secrets - Amazon Web Services 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy

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  • 4 Secrets To Becoming Successful

    in Home Staging & Interior Design

    The Fast Track To Starting Your Own Design Business

  • 4 Secrets To Becoming Successful in Home Staging & Interior Design

    1. Stagers don’t need to own furniture or put up cash for rentals

    One of the biggest misconceptions we see with beginning stagers is thinking they need to own and provide all of the furnishings for home staging. Nothing could be further from the truth. We provide you with all the names of the nationwide companies that work with stagers. In addition, we teach you how to collect from your clients upfront so you never have to worry about getting paid!

    2. You don’t need four years of college to be a successful Interior Designer

    Design is a learned skill. Our exclusive 6 Step Design Pro System™, developed by Academy co-founder Wanda Colon, teaches you the step-by-step process to running a design project while delivering professional results.

    While no short term program can replace 4 years of time investment studying a field, our real-world structured formulas are easily employed. If you want to get going on your new career fast, our course focuses on the core design training needed to effectively design a home from the ground up. It also teaches you how to attract and close clients plus all the business administration skills, documents, and tools needed to get your business up and running immediately. Many of our students have taken on large design projects straight out of the program. Teaching you to think like a professional designer will help you avoid mistakes and deliver outstanding results to your clients and get referrals. 3. Leveraging home staging with interior design to thrive in any economy

    If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what the difference is between staging a home and interior design. Home Stagers combine buyer demographics and psychology to design interiors that sell faster and attract higher offers thereby helping home sellers earn the most money for their home. Interior Designers help home owners create functional and beautiful spaces that speak to the home owners aesthetic rather than the potential home buyer’s aesthetic. In a nut shell, staging is the temporary design for cosmetic gain as a selling aid while Interior Design is a permanent installation to improve function and add comfort and beauty for the people who live there.

    Home Stagers that offer interior design, and designers that offer home staging, get to enjoy life in all economies. This is because the real estate market perceives Home Staging as a necessity - especially in slower markets. In fast moving real estate markets, the economy is generally booming and home owners are looking to update or upgrade their home and need a designer’s expertise to make that happen. Having both skill sets can be your secret weapon to staying busy in any economy.

  • 4. Start Taking On Clients Right Away

    The path to having a successful staging or interior design business is to start working with clients fast. This helps to build confidence and a reputation that will attract more clients. The great thing about finding staging clients is that they are typically referred to stager’s by real estate professionals. Real estate agents are always looking for a new way to get clients to list with them and staging is a great tool for them to leverage.

    Motivated home sellers want to work with agents who understand and utilize the latest strategies. The great thing about finding Interior Design clients right away is that everyone, not just those selling their home, is a potential client. This includes designing your staging client’s new homes so that you can be servicing the same client twice.

    Bonus Secret #1 5. Make your own hours

    Whether you prefer to work full or part-time, or already have a job or family commitments, stagers and designers can make their own schedule. Home sellers realize that service vendors typically work Monday through Friday, but love it when a vendor is open to meeting after work hours or weekends. If you have a full time job, or need to pick up the kids from school, you can always create the schedule that works for you.

    Bonus Secret #2

    6. Enjoy trade discounts

    Manufacturers sell directly to Home Stagers and Designers that have trained at The Academy. These discounts generally range from 35-40% off suggested retail. This allows graduates of The Academy to generate more avenues of profit in their business! As a graduate of the Academy, you will be given these trade discounts from retailers as well as manufacturers.

    Whether you are buying decor items for yourself or a client, these trade discounts will pay for your education within the first few orders!


  • Why join the Academy of Home Staging & Design?

    We offer personalized, hands-on home staging and design courses that coach and mentor you in real life scenarios so you can confidently design professional looking interiors - with no prior experience needed.

    Whether you dream of having the skills to design your own home, or earn a great living creating beautiful interiors for others, at The Academy, our instructors take the time to personally coach and mentor you every step of the way. Regardless of your background, our unique blend of hands-on design and business applications allows for real-life experience so you can confidentially begin designing interiors immediately after graduation.

    The Academy teaches you how to utilize social media, networking, and the internet plus existing connections to foster immediate results. In addition, applying our exclusive 30-day business start-up plan gets you up and running fast! Plus, graduates receive our guide on Over 20 Free Ways to Market Your Business and Attract Clients, along with how to get your staging or design business started quickly.

    Have questions? One of our design career coaches are just a phone call away. We would love to answer all your questions and show you how easy it is to join our next live course.

    Each live course is limited to 9 students, so if you’re wanting to get started on your new career now, don’t wait. Call today and get answers to your questions.

    Live the life you’ve always dreamed of, with a fascinating hobby or gratifying career in the design industry. Train side-by-side with top designers, like former HGTV and TLC Designer Wanda Colon in a supportive and nurturing environment.

    Use Discount Code “Design” to save $200 off tuition




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