4 simple winter interior projects for your candlewood lake home

Download 4 Simple Winter Interior Projects for Your Candlewood Lake Home

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  1. 1. (4 44 Simple Winter Interior Projects for Your D Candlewood Lake Home3 kw
  2. 2. 4 The colder winter months can definitely limit any improvements you might want to make on your Candlewood Lake home's exteriors.Don't let the winter blues dampen your spirits and keep you from brightening up your CandlewoodK Lake home from the inside. D
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  4. 4. 4VHere are a few tips on winter interior projects you can easily do for your Candlewood Lakeproperty: L
  5. 5. 1. OrganizeClearing the clutter can help lift and improve your mood,especially when you will be spending most of the winter days inside your lake home.One simple tip is to prepare 2 big boxes and label them with Keep and Give Away. Color coded bins are bettersince they make sorting out and organizing easler. V
  6. 6. 4If you have a hard time selecting which things to keep and get rid off,a general rule is if you haven't used something for a year,get rid of it.If you feel sentimental about stuff that you need to give away,then you can take a picture of it and make a scrapbook of the things you love then pass it on to family or friends who K can take care of the item as much as you did. V
  7. 7. 4 2. PaintAfter you have cleared the clutter,give your Candlewood Lake Danbury CT home a fresh coat of paint.New paint makes a big difference in making the home look new.Light and bright colors will help youbrighten up the gloomy winter days inside your home.
  8. 8. 4 3. Rearrange furnitureYou don't need to buy new furniture(which will only add clutter to your home).Simply rearranging your furniture or juggling a few items from room to room can breathe new life to your home.Change some oor rugs,replace some decorative items withK Christmas decor,use colorful pillows to warm up the home,and try a new color scheme. D
  9. 9. 44. Lighting Lighting is such a simpletechnique which has a great impactin adding charm and appeal to anyroom.If you arent good in wiring, K try a oor lamp or table lamp. V
  10. 10. These are very simple and easy tips to decorate your Candlewood Lake home's interior but when applied,make a big difference in making your home look brighter,bigger,and more appealing during the winter season.For more tips on staging your home,read How to Stage Your Candlewood Lake Home for Sale at4V
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