4 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Boss' Trust

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You could spend years working for the same manager, building your reputation as a hard-working, well-intentioned, always-dependable employee. And in a fraction of that time, you could lose it all.


<p>4 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Boss' Trust</p> <p>4 SUREFIRE WAYS TO LOSEYOUR BOSS TRUST</p> <p>1. Not Keeping The Promise</p> <p>Ifyour manager cant rely on you to provide realistic information to your co-workers and clients, he or she probably wont want to trust you with any sort of increasing responsibility. Only promise what you can deliver.</p> <p>2. Failing to Reply</p> <p>Always keep in mind you have to reply to the mails and phone calls of your clients and co-workers. Not doing so will put you in bad light.</p> <p>3. Not Prioritizing Work</p> <p>Making your manager constantly check back in with you (Hey Alice, did you call that client yet?) conveys that you either dont truly understand the urgency of the situationor that you do, but youre choosing to ignore it.</p> <p>4. Not Keeping in Loop</p> <p>Always keep your boss in loop when dealing with a frustrated or unsatisfied client so that he/she would be able to handle the situation whenever required. Not keeping them in loop will add burden on them to handle clients without knowing the actual problem.</p> <p>Presented by:</p> <p>The AMCAT is Indias first employability assessment test that help fresh graduates to get their first job quickly and efficiently.</p> <p>323, Udyog Vihar II,Gurgaon, Haryana,INDIA</p> <p>+91 124 - 4842777</p> <p>www.myamcat.comThank You</p>