4 tips for affiliate marketing for beginners by mike j anthony

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Post on 26-Aug-2014


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4 Tips for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Video. The 4 tips that beginners to affiliate marketing should do when getting started with affiliate marketing. Ready to get started? Go Here: http://mikejanthony.com/mttb


  • Affiliate Marketing forAffiliate Marketing for BeginnersBeginners 4 Tips to Be Successful With Any4 Tips to Be Successful With Any Affiliate Marketing ProgramAffiliate Marketing Program
  • Tip #1Tip #1 Find the Right Offer Find something you are interested in and that you want to sell Also should have high commissions and/or recurring commissions
  • Tip #2Tip #2 Offer Should Have a High Converting Sales Funnel HCSF created and tested by the company and provided for you to use.
  • Tip #3Tip #3 Position Yourself at the Highest Level Possible Positioning yourself at the highest level to get the maximum commissions available.
  • Tip #4Tip #4 Drive Traffic Once you have the other 3 tips satisfied, its time to drive traffic to your high converting sales page. This is your only major responsibility if youre in the right program.
  • RecapRecap Tip #1: Find the right offer Tip #2: High Converting Sales Funnel Tip #3: Position yourself for maximum commissions Tip #4: Drive Traffic!
  • Where to Start?Where to Start? Heres one company which satisfies all 4 of those tips and also offers professional phone sales and follow-up on your behalf! CLICK HERE: http://mikejanthony.com/mttb


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