4 Tips to Design Your Mobilegeddon Based Responsive Website

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<ol><li> 1. 4 Tips to Design Your Mobilegeddon Based Responsive Website With mobilegeddon out in the open, you need to design your website in a more responsive and mobilegeddon friendly format. This will help you get connected with the mobile friendly customers, and improve the conversions. While it is important to make your website mobile friendly, it is also important ensure it fulfills the business requirement at all points. You have two options in this case to make your site more mobile friendly. You can either retrofit the existing desktop sites into a </li><li> 2. more mobile suited site. If this does not work for you, then you can recreate the whole website in a more mobile suited form. Here are four tips that will help you kickstart your design towards a more mobilegeddon and responsive form. Google's Version of Mobile Friendly You will need to first understand what Google means by a mobile friendly site. The meta tags, touch features, and the device detection function all indicate Google's mobile friendly thoughts. You can check your site for mobile friendliness using the mobile friendly test tool. Google checks your site for being mobile suited on a page by page basis. You need to rework the pages that you feel need to be made retrofit for a mobile. Optimize those pages first which are targeted by searches. You will need to reindex the pages at the earliest. Once you have conducted this alteration, you will see Google rewarding you with better rankings and a more mobile friendly callout as soon as it can. User Experience: An Important Consideration It's not about getting your content on the mobile screen; it is also about making the experience count for the users. You need to ensure that the whole loading process is as fast paced as possible. The asset file sizes matter a lot especially when you are redesigning the website to make it more mobile friendly. You need to ensure that your site is easy to navigate and possesses an intuitive interface. What Your Users Want? </li><li> 3. You need to understand what your users want from a mobile friendly site. You need to work on keywords and other details needed to make a mobile friendly site more user friendly. Get started with a quick build stationed on the go features which will definitely reel into the user experience. You will need to plan according to a multi device world. Testing the Mobile Experience It is important to test your mobilegeddon inspired website to ensure you have created something that can cater to the user needs. You need to test it in the simulation mode and look out for errors. The navigation and ease of use should be the targets of your test. Conclusion With this Google update, you need to establish a Google friendly mobile presence. These four hacks will help you design a responsive website which is mobile friendly. Hire mobile developers to get started with a mobile retrofit for your website. Original Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/4-Tips-to-Design-Your- Mobilegeddon-Based-Responsiv/ </li></ol>