4 ways that a remote work environment helps your recruiting process

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Slideshare based on blog post by Chris Byers, Formstack CEO. When recruiting, posting a remote job opens up a wider field of qualified applicants. A recent survey by Staples reported that 71% of people think remote working is a major benefit when considering a new job. Remote and hybrid-remote companies can position themselves as more attractive places to work and recruit stronger candidates. This Slideshare features four ways having a remote work environment can help you find the best candidate for your job.


  • 1. @formstack Chris Byers CEO, Formstack 4 Ways That a Remote Work Environment Helps Your Recruiting Process
  • 2. @formstack Seventy-one percent of survey respondents think remote working is an important benefit when considering a new job. Remote as an Advantage
  • 3. @formstack Remote and hybrid companies can position themselves as attractive places to work. In doing so, they can recruit stronger candidates from across the country. Remote as an Advantage
  • 4. @formstack 1. Remote working is a valuable perk.
  • 5. @formstack Work-life balance routinely cited as a top reason for working remotely. People are less willing to endure long commutes or stressful workplaces. Remote working is a valuable perk.
  • 6. @formstack 2. New hires dont have to uproot their families.
  • 7. @formstack Many candidates face geographic restrictions to finding perfect job. Family obligations or spouses jobs can impact their search area. Remote workplaces have a recruiting advantage; they can recruit nationally + globally. No need to move!
  • 8. @formstack 3. Companies dont have to negotiate relocation packages.
  • 9. @formstack One study - it can cost up to $97,000 to transfer a homeowner and $24,000 to transfer a renter. Eliminating relocation costs evens the playing field. Hire the best not just the cheapest or closest No relocation packages.
  • 10. @formstack 4. Employee retention saves money.
  • 11. @formstack You have downtime when no one is in a position. Hours are lost reviewing resumes and in interviews. On-boarding can take months. Turnover is expensive.
  • 12. @formstack Happier employees are less likely to switch jobs. Remote workers report higher levels of job satisfaction. Fewer workers that move on results in money saved. Employee retention saves money.
  • 13. @formstack Want to learn more about remote working and leading a remote team? Visit Where is my CEO?