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4.05- Drug Addiction Is A Disease So What Do We Do About It?BMT 2Unit 4Lesson 5ObjectivesUnderstand addiction is a chronic disease that is likely to recur

Recognize treatment is most effective when it combines medication and behavioral treatments

Be able to explain how treatment for addiction is similar to that for other chronic diseases

Recognize research shows treatment can be very effective even when treatment is required

Activity: Is Addiction Treatable?What is disease?Chronic= persists over a long period of timeAcute= lasts only a short time but may have a rapid onset and marked intensity Disease-Students are likely to say a disease is some problem with the body that makes a person feel bad. They may also respond that a disease is something you see a doctor about or take medicine for. Students will list a variety of diseases and conditions. If they dont include both short-term minor diseases (such as a cold or flu) and long-term complex diseases (such as diabetes or heart disease), prompt them with questions such as, Is a cold a disease? Is diabetes? 3More questions about treating addictionIs addiction acute or chronic?Do all diseases or illnesses affect people the same way?

No. Some are longer lasting and require more intervention from healthcare providers than others. *Students explanations should include something about the changes that occur in the brain as a result of drug use (Lessons 2, 3, and 4) and something about the compulsive, nonvoluntary nature of addiction.

*Some require medicines, others require psychological treatment, and some require both. Students may give a cold as an example of a short-term illness that doesnt require a great deal of treatment and diabetes or heart disease as a longer-lasting illness that does require a lot of treatment. Students should realize that there are similarities as well as differences in disease treatment.4Activity: Learning about treatments for addictionGo to this website:http://science.education.nih.gov/supplements/n ih2/Addiction/activities/lesson5_interviews.html1- Ruth2- Mike3- CarolPage 132 in text5~ Unit 4 ~