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  • Everything we do is about empowering people to tell their story. That is our core mission and belief. - Mark Newman, Founder & CEO, HireVue @markhirevue

  • We dont want to have people lost in the hiring process. We talk about deep learning, machine learning, numbers, and scoring. We believe this is the best way to enable everyone to tell their story and be evaluated on what they can do. - Loren Larsen, CTO, HireVue

  • One size fits one when itcomes to talent in the future. - Rusty Rueff, @RustyRueff

  • We dont own the culture, we dont own the programs, we are here to be the lead craftsman. - Debra McCowan, CHRO, Equinix

  • The conversation between the employee and the manager is the key, most powerful element to move performance. Everything else is a waste of time. - Larry McAlister, VP Global Talent Management, Equinix, @LarryMcAlister

  • Everything is moving forward to digital and I raise my hand saying, What about recruiting? - Jim Cochran, Global Head of Recruiting, JPMorgan Chase

  • 69% of individuals will not go work for a company with a bad reputation, even if they are unemployed. - Gaurav Sarin, Director of Digital Talent Strategies, HireVue

  • Almost 100% of our hiring process is self schedule. Candidates are not selecting times within the traditional work hours or work days. - Shezza Carter, TA Manager, Netflix CS @shezzamott

  • We hire for heart and train for skill. - Bryan Carter, Dir. of Cust. Care, Rackspace

  • Even though in todays fast-paced technology we are hiring thousands and thousands of flight attendants we never lose that flyer-friendly personal touch approach. - Crystal Heckman, Manager Inflight Services Recruiting, United Airlines @crystal_heckman

  • 69% of job seekers say they are less likely to buy from a company after having a bad application experience. There is an impact on the consumer brand. - Dyke DeBrie, Executive, Smarter Workforce, Talent Acquisition and Learning, IBM, @ddebrie

  • I fundamentally believe that we must dispel the myth that the only way to get an opportunity is with the resume. - Scott Lilly, Thurgood Marshall College Fund

  • It is a marathon not a sprint to get the adoption that you want. You have to be committed as a leader and to the value. Without it the impact will be marginal. - Denise Nichols, Global TA Leader, Marsh & McLennan Companies

  • No conventional recruiting for our summer internship: we opened recruiting for 1.5 weeks and got 400 candidates from 6 local schools, all through HireVue OpenVue. We hired those interns faster than we could have last year. - Lars N. Minns, Head of HR Operations & TA, Mercedes Benz - USA @LarsNMinns

  • Talent recruiting is everyones job in the company. - Mike Bollinger, AVP, Global Thought Leadership & Advisory Services, Cornerstone, @bollinger

  • The one question, the perfect question is the response that splits the response the most. It does not matter what the question is -- as long is splits top performers and bottom performers. - Ben Taylor, Chief Data Scientist, HireVue, @bentaylordata

  • I want the perfect candidate for tomorrows job to visit the website today. - Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition, Childrens Mercy Hospital @mollyw323

  • Silence is the biggest killer of innovation. Appreciate great work. Let your team tell their stories - David Sturt, Executive VP, O.C. Tanner, New York Times Best Selling Author, @david_sturt

  • We have 60,000 thoughts a day ...95% are the same thoughts you had yesterday... 80% are negative. - Joan Worthington, Director of Professional Services, HireVue, @joanworthington

  • We can evolve into talent advisors because we have more flexibility and bandwith to be strategic partners. - Amber Weaver, Senior Manager, Recruiting, Hilton Worldwide

  • It is the questions and not the answers that drive our learning. - Andrew Thorn, President / CEO, Telios Corporation, @andrewthorn

  • Three must haves to push disruption: confidence, willingness to start slow, and ability to tie it back to the business. - Peggy Frazier, VP, Global TA, Blackbaud @PegFrazier

  • Three must haves to push disruption: dont rush, appreciation is key, and your team might change -- that is okay. - Amber West, Sr Analyst, Whole Foods Market

  • We are not looking for actors, we want people who are really passionate about marketing and able to contribute. - Bindu Garapaty, Training and Education Manager, Juniper Networks @BinduGarapaty

  • Have a three-pronged plan: Fix the things that are broken, fill more jobs than ever, and look toward the future. - Meg Steele, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, Providence Health & Services @MegSaid

  • Candidates can now interview from any university, anywhere across the U.S. and have an equal chance for a role at BP. - Kalaan Vander Hamm, US University Relations, Systems, BP America

  • Go to where the students are and keep the personalized touch. - Jared Bazzell, Manager of TA, Campus, CDW @bazzell

  • I care about students as they enter the workplace. I want to get to know you. It is about you. Do an IntroVue. - Shay Johnson, Manager of TA, Levy Restaurants @IAmMichaelShay

  • We use an adept assessment and predictive analytics to eliminate the bottom 1/3 of candidates. - Kevin Bodine, Global Leader Talent, Acquisition Sourcing, Aon Corporation @KevinBodine1

  • We talk to 70,000 graduates, 10,000 graduates are prescreened, we have 300+ assessment centers, and 700+ graduates get hired. We hire 1 brilliant percent fast. - Catalina Schveninger, EVP & Global Head of Resourcing, Vodafone @CSchveninger

  • We have a functional responsibility around talent and recruitment. Be deep in your discipline and have a point-of-view. - Obed Louissaint, VP, HR, IBM Watson

  • Finding yourself a cheerleader when you are self-doubting is critical. - Erin Montgomery, VP Global Recruitment & Talent Operations, American Express

  • Know your organization. How they make money today and how they plan to make money tomorrow. That will help you have the right conversation around the right discussion. - Larry McAlister, VP Global TA, Equinix @LarryMcAlister

  • How do you create value? If you dont add value then nobody is going to work with you. - Scott Lilly, Thurgood Marshall College Fund

  • The role of sales management at whatever level is to create more leaders, not followers.- Jim Dickie, Research Fellow, CSO Insights a Division of MHI Global @jimdickie

  • Video is the #1 preferred source of learning in every demographic. It is the medium of choice. - Rob Jeppsen, Coaching Advisor, @robjeppsen

  • The most important things sales people do is have conversations with your customers.- Curt Will, Sr. Director, Education & Sales Effectiveness, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

  • If you accept that communication and the ability to deliver messages on what you know--not just what you know [but you can articulate]--is the key to sales talent, then we found the right path. - Don Carte, Director, Business Development Center of Excellence, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility

  • Sales coaching is giving people feedback in real-time.- Mark Gibson, Director of Sales Enablement, Centrify, @rmarkgibson

  • Why sales coaching? We want to go from good to great.- David Voorhees, Director of Learning & Development, Waste Management

  • You can be presiding over a function and have all the answers, but it doesnt mean you are driving the function to actual success. - Mark Newman, Founder & CEO, HireVue @markhirevue