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  • 47th Annual General Meeting

    Association of British Investigators 22nd April 2017 Birmingham

  • The Association of British Investigators 26 March 2017

    47th annual general meeting

    President’s Introduction It is with great pleasure that I welcome all members and guests to this year’s main event of the ABI calendar in

    Birmingham. Although I had held the Vice President post for several years I would never have guessed a year ago that I would end the

    2016-2017 term as President and as President elect for the next year. It has been a turbulent few months but the ship has steadied and with a strong team in the Governing Council we stand united in taking the Association forward and tackling the tasks and goals we have set ourselves to improve the organisation and it’s members’ position and professional standing. The General Meeting wi l l c l ea r a l l outstanding i s sues , focus the membership on the way forward and enable the board to demonst ra te and explain their ambitions for the foreseeable future. I wish all delegates an enjoyable and successful event.

    Mark Hodgson [President] 

    +44 (0) 20 8191 7500 www.theABI.org.uk �1


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  • The Association of British Investigators 26 March 2017

    Chairman’ s Welcome Note When I accepted the board’s appointment as Chairman to fill the position made vacant following my predecessor’s appointment as head of the Secretariat in September, l i t t l e d id I know how chal lenging the first few months wou ld be . As a Governing Council we have had a great deal to contend

    with in recent times, however as a team we have worked extremely hard to overcome issues and move forward on a pos i t i ve footing in the best interests of the Association and its members. The position of Chairman is one that is selected by the board immediately following the AGM, and so at the time of writing I am unaware of who will be chairing the Association for the following year. With a strong mature membership in support, the Governing Council enters into the new financial year focussed on its objectives and confident with its wider business plan. I am certain the Chairman’s position will be both challenging and rewarding.

    For me, Annual General Meetings have always combined business with pleasure and I’ve been attending since before I was old enough to become a member – that’s a long time believe me... The Association is nothing without its members and their participation in its events. I hope this year’s meeting proves to be an enjoyable and successful event for all who attend, and look forward to seeing old and new friends in Birmingham next month.   Darren Shelmerdine [Chairman]

    +44 (0) 20 8191 7500 www.theABI.org.uk �2



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    introduction of the Code of

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  • The Association of British Investigators 26 March 2017

    AGM Saturday 22nd April 2017

    09:00 registration

    10:00 annual general meeting business agenda

    Chairman - Darren Shelmerdine

    11:15 break / network / exhibitors

    11:45 meeting resumes

    12:30 buffet lunch / network / exhibitors

    14:00 any other business

    14:45 break / network / exhibitors

    15:00 presentation / Martin Coyne [digitpol]

    ‘Extraction of Forensic Evidence from Automotive Command Systems

    and what data is available - A case study’

    19:00 president’s drinks reception

    20:00 banquet [black tie]

    +44 (0) 20 8191 7500 www.theABI.org.uk �3


  • The Association of British Investigators 26 March 2017


    Michael Barton

 Chief Constable 
 Durham Constabulary

    Michael is a proud Lancastrian and adopted North Easterner who served in Lancashire Constabulary for 28 year s be fore joining Durham Constabulary in 2008 a s Ass i s tant Chie f Constable. He has been Chief Constable since 2012.

    Michael has led new ways of tackling organised criminals with local beat officers and PCSOs through challenging traditional ways of policing and encouraging paradigm shifts. Durham is now recognised as a leading force in tackling serious and organised crime as well as managing offenders. A glance at the most recent HMIC PEEL inspection will show a police force at the top of its game wi th an env iab le s l e w of outstanding grades. He attributes this to inspired and positive staff that have their feet on the ground and a burning desire to look after victims of crime and anti- social behaviour. The most often repeated phrase of visitors to Durham Constabulary is ‘it feels different here!’

    He has long been a keen exponent of problem-orientated policing and integrated offender management, including restorative justice, and has successfully embedded these concepts in Lancashire and Durham.

    Michael is the National Policing Lead for Crime and intends to use this position to ensure British Policing is in the vanguard of tackling crime on the internet.

    He has attracted a degree of media attention through his advocacy for a ‘grown up’ debate on drugs – challenging the efficacy of outright prohibition.

    Michael at his worst has been described as a maverick and at his best as a maverick. He has enjoyed a few scrapes and still pinches himself every morning that someone asked him to be a Chief Constable.

    +44 (0) 20 8191 7500 www.theABI.org.uk �4


  • The Association of British Investigators 26 March 2017


    Martin Coyne



    In November 2013, Mr Coyne was appointed by Launch Tech. Co. to the position of Vice- President of the golo and CUBE

    projects; Launch Tech Co, a public company (stock code 2488) and recognised worldwide as a global professional player in the

    automot ive af termarket sector. Pre v ious to th i s appointment, Mr Coyne served as Head of Technical

    De ve lopments a t the Operational Support Unit of the Rotterdam - R i jnmond Police.

    During his time at this Unit and while undertaking criminal investigations, Mr Coyne had the foresight, and recognised the critical need for specialised forensic

    tools which were capable of extracting vital digital data from electronic modules of vehicles involved in major road collisions/ fraudulent road collisions, and from vehicles/ electronic modules, suspected

    of being stolen or criminally manipulated.

    As a result, Mr Coyne founded and invented the Cube concept which was to evolve into a full joint

    international project. Mr Coyne is a former student and member of staff at UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation.

    He is an expert in Networks, Telecommunications, Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation and has spent most of his career working on international criminal investigations. At present Mr

    Coyne is a member of a Law Enforcement unit, whose focus is on the fight against digital and vehicle crime, he is also a member of the Interpol SMV Task-Force, E.C.T.E.G European Cybercrime Training



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