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This family update is sent to provide Soldiers and their Families with information on events, activities, benefits and opportunities available to the military community.


  • 47th CSH Update

    2013 Volunteer

    of the Year:

    Volunteer of the year nomination

    is now open until

    March 18th

    Anyone may

    nominate a JBLM

    registered volunteer

    for recognition.

    Nomination should

    cover volunteer


    during Jan Dec



    - Adult

    - Active Duty

    - Family

    - Retiree

    - Youth

    If interested, get the

    nomination form

    here or call 253-


    Inside this Issue:

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    6 March 2013

    FRG Advisors Messages

    Petal Pusher Gardening Group

    Mrs. Linda Dwyer

    I love statistics, though many are useless. Did you know that the average persons sneeze travels about 100 miles per hour? I know, who cares, but more important whos average? But there are some statistics which are important.

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 64.5 million people volunteered in 2012, with religious and youth oriented activities having the most volunteers. So, how is this important? By having volunteers teach bible study, lead AWANA, etc., it saves money that can be used for outreach projects. Volunteers help out in schools; tutoring, reading to students; if your child play sports, the coach is most likely a volunteer. Opportunities for volunteer service are endless!

    Volunteering, its about doing what you love. So what do you love? I love cooking & gardening. So Ive cooked and served at a soup kitchen; pulled weeds at a public garden; and taught craft projects to children at a school.

    When we care enough to care it gets great results: We smile more, we have a little less stress, unit/Family morale gets a boost, and we find ourselves being more productive. So whomever it may be that you call or consider your battle buddy take just a few minutes to actually talk with them. Be genuine and sincere. Sometimes just a simple good job or what can I do to help you accomplish your goal can change that persons day from being not so well to being awesome.

    Remember that when we take care of our battle buddy it shows. I pray that this message has been instrumental and inspiring. Until we speak again, Be the Best Battle Buddy You Can Be!

    May God Bless and Keep You!


    Mrs Linda Dwyer

    Hello, 47CSH Family. It is an honor as well as a privilege to have the opportunity to speak to you this month. I would like to talk about what it means to be a true battle buddy. Im quite sure we have all heard or even used this term on occasion. We often view our battle buddy as our #1 supporter, a confidant, a good working partner, a trustworthy friend, someone you can call on when you need help getting the mission accomplished, someone who you can share your thoughts with and not worry about being judged or belittled, someone that you can count on in times of trouble, and maybe even someone who can get through to you like no one else can. With that being said my question is, Are you taking care of your battle buddy?

    Taking care of your battle buddy can be as simple as asking that person how they are feeling or asking how their Family is doing. We should extend this care beyond the office it should also be practiced at home. If you are married naturally your battle buddy is your spouse. If you are a single Soldier your battle may be someone you workout with or someone in your barracks, maybe just someone you like sharing your time with. Either way, I think the way we take care of our battle buddy can have an enormously positive impact in their lives and in our lives.

    You will find joy when you are helping those around you and doing something you love. Make a difference in someones life by becoming a volunteer.

    PS Volunteers are needed at the CSH Easter Egg Hunt

    Until we meet again


    Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood

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    Classes: March 27 or 29

    Operation Baby Shower McChord March 16

    Unit Events

    Mar 11 (5pm) Every Monday Crochet Class at McChord Library. To join this four part class, call 253-982-3454.

    Mar 16 (10:30am-1:30pm) Operation: Baby Shower. Free for expecting couples

    and new parents at McChord Club. Mar 16 (5pm) Watch UFC 158 at the Warrior Zone or Heroes Sports Lounge.

    Mar 16 (12noon) St. Pattys Day Run at the MWR Fest Tent.

    Mar 17 (1pm) - NCAA Tourney at Warrior Zone. See dates & times Mar 17 Wear Green and Save Green. St. Pattys Day Sale at Whispering Firs.

    For other events in March .

    Mar 19 Deadline to submit for the JBLM Volunteer of the Year nomination. Anyone may nominate a JBLM registered volunteer for recognition by

    completing the nomination form or call 253-967-2324 for questions. Categories: youth, retiree, active duty, family & adult.

    Mar 20 Understanding Citizenship and Immigration at Waller Hall. Appointment

    required. Please call 253-967-3628 to schedule your appointment.

    Mar 20 Spouses Newcomers Orientation. Call 253-982-2695 to register.

    Mar 23 (9-1pm)Spring Flea Market at MWR Fest Tent. Call 253-967-6772 if youre

    interested to be a vendor.

    Mar 26 (1200-1230)- Relax your Stress Away sessions at the McChord

    Employment Assistance Program (EAP). Open to all Soldiers, Family

    Members, DA/DAF civilians, and Veterans. EAP also helps you on all home

    life issues that impact your work. Call 253-982-5815.Click here for more info.

    All-You-Can-Eat Pizza & Soft Tacos & Bowling for $10 per person (does not

    include shoe rental) every 1st Wednesday of the month at the Bowl Arena

    Lanes from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Call 253-967-4661.

    Mar. 23 (11:30am-4pm) CSH Easter Egg Hunt. All Soldiers and Families of HHD/A Co., B Co., 102

    nd FST, 250

    th FST and

    758th FST are invited.

    Location: TBD Lots of fun, games and prizes for kids, families,& Single Soldiers.

    April 25 (1pm) or (6pm) Care Team Training. When there is a casualty in our unit and when the Family of the Fallen Soldier requests a Care Team, a group of 2-3 team members will be sent in to give support. Please contact our chaplains office to sign-up for the training at 253-477-3019.

    Post Events

    March 2013 issue

    Outdoor Trips &Tours

    Mar 16 Waterfall Tour Mar 23 Sol Duc Hot Springs Mar 23 Snow Tubing Mar 24 Seattle Insiders Tour Click here for more trip schedule.

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    Training & Education

    Mar 12 (6-8pm) Family Child Care Provider Orientation - Earn up to $2000 a month at home as a Family Child Care provider. FREE childcare while in training and free resources for your business. Where: FCC office in building 2013B. For more information, call the FCC office at 967-3039 or download flyer here.

    Mar 19-21 (9-2:30pm) AFTB Class, Level III enhance your professional growth and

    leadership development, especially if you are assuming advisory and mentoring roles within the unit and community. Class Schedule.

    Mar 21-22 (9am-2:30pm) First Sergeant Spouse Seminar For new 1SG spouses or

    those who expect to assume the role in the near future. Provides information needed to take on the role of an informed, involved, productive, and proactive

    member of the Command Team Class provided by AFTB Apr 3 - JBLM Volunteer Basic Training designed for new volunteers but welcomes

    others who would like to attend. Provides the essential topics on general volunteer information, the importance of VMIS, types of volunteers, and ACS overview. Each attendee will receive an orientation checklist

    Resiliency Academy Class Schedules for March 2013 Learn problem solving skills, build your character strength and skills to deal with life issues.

    Family Member Employment Readiness - Open to family members with ID cards.

    ACS Annex, bldg. 2166 (across Waller Hall) Walk-in basis (253-967-3538) A & FRC, McChord, 551 Barnes Road, McChord Field (253-982-2695) Job Vacancies


    Apr 10 deadline for Ft. Lewis Scholarship Fund application. For high school seniors, military spouses and current college students. Application packet

    May 1 application deadline for scholarships through the AER program.

    Spouse Education Assistance program scholarship MG James Ursano Scholarship Program

    MyCAA Scholarships up to $4,000 financial assistance.

    Directory of other Education and Scholarship Resources

    Relationship Workshop Series

    Every Tuesday from 2pm-3:30pm. Download the March class flyer, contact information and class map.

    Mar 12 Is PTSD affecting your relationship? Learn about PTSD and how improved communication can reduce symptoms.

    Mar 19 Emotional Competency. The best tool for anger management / conflict

    resolution and emotional closeness. Mar 26 What Does my Family have to do with us? A look at family history & gender

    roles. Does your past affect your present?

    Free Financial Services, at the Army Community Service Click here for contact info.

    FREE Computer Training for Veterans &


    March 18 @ 8am Veterans Business Class To sign-up call 253-967-3258. Space is limited.

    For more info.

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    Calendar of Kids Activities for March

    Raindrops & Rainbow

    Club & Beyond