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This newsletter is for 47th CSH Soldiers and their Families to provide them with information on events, activities, benefits and opportunities available to the military families.


  • 47th CSH Update

    Care Team:

    We are currently


    volunteers to join

    our Casualty

    Response Team

    (CARE Team).

    As a CARE Team

    volunteer you will

    be trained to offer


    support and

    assistance to

    Family members

    of injured and

    fallen Soldier in

    our unit.

    CARE Team

    volunteers are

    not trained as

    grief counselors,

    but rather will


    assistance and

    comfort to the

    grieving family


    If interested call 253.477.3020

    Inside this Issue:

    Unit Events 2

    Post Events 2

    Education 3

    Kids & Teens 4

    Madigan 4

    EFMP 5

    9 January 2013

    I was going through some files and came across this piece I had saved that I once used to describe what it can sometimes be like to work in an Army organization:

    FOUR PEOPLE This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybodys job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but

    Command Sergeant Majors Message

    COL Ronald Krogh

    CSM Carl Dwyer

    Commanders Message

    Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. To me this story says a couple things. The first is, if you have the ability to do something, and it's the right thing to do, go ahead and do it. The second is, don't walk past a problem. We are an Army of values, standards and discipline and if we see someone in violation we should confront them not just stand back and talk about them. If we all do this in an open and honest way we will be a stronger team. Thank you for all you do each and every day. Take time on Valentine's Day to honor the one you love.

    Greetings CSH Soldiers and Family members:

    The Commander and I realize that the decision to serve and to continue to serve in our ranks is not a solo decision. It requires the support and encouragement of a Soldiers best friend, companion and most-valued advisor. In short, it requires you and the entire extended Family. Everything the Soldier goes through, you go through, and dont think thats not noticed. It has quite often been said that the strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families. Family members need to know that you are just as valuable as the Soldier. To express that, the Army makes a special makes a special effort to bring together, and make available at every Post, a

    large number of resources and benefits. In todays budget constrained environment the commitment to Soldiers and their Families still remains as a top priority. This newsletter is jam packed with information to make you aware of those benefits available to you. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources and send a strong message that you value these resources. I can guarantee that if you do, your Family will reap the benefits.

    Thank you all for what you do for the CSH, the United states Army and our Nation.

    Rainier 7

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    Valentine candlelight

    dinner at the Bistro

    Post Events

    Feb 9 (10-3pm) Operation Care Fair at McChord Club. Feb 10 (11-5pm) Honoring Your Military Kids. FREE games and prizes. Feb 12 (11:30-1pm) Black History Month observance will be held at the McChord

    Club. The theme is, At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation and the march on Washington. Guest speaker is Oscar Eason Jr., Chairman of the WA State Comsission on American African Affairs. ACU for military, casual for civilians. Call SFC Latricia Trapp at 253-966-2080 or latricia.a.trapp.mil@mail.mil for details.

    Feb14 (9am-2pm) NAF Lodging cash only furniture sale at the Lodging

    Warehouse, 9660 Perry Ave. logistics area in JBLM. Furniture are sold as is. Click here for map and for more details.

    Feb 15 (9-3pm) Hire Americas Heroes Workshop Feb 16 (12-2pm) Free EFMP & Family Friendly Movie at McChord Theater. Feb 16 (12-2pm) Meet and Greet NFL Hall of Famer Randy McDaniel, Ft. Lewis PX Feb 18 (10-5pm) Military Appreciation at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Feb 20 (9-12nn) Spouses Newcomers Orientation at McChord Club with FREE

    on-site childcare. Child/ren should be registered with CYSS to avail of this benefit.

    Feb 22 (4:30pm) JBLM Brewfest 2013 at the McChord Field Community Club. To

    join the competition, download the application form here and submit before Feb 15 @ 6pm.

    Feb 23 (9-1:30pm) College Access. Open to 10

    th and 11

    th grade students and their

    parents/guardians. FREE food and transportation. Get registration form here. Feb 26 (12nn) - CLEP Fair at McChord Library. Learn about the CLEP process to

    earn your degree faster, learn about test taking strategies, and resources. Download flyer for more info.

    Riders Wanted for Kitsap County Vanpool establish vanpool leaves Mullenix

    Park nRide at 5:20am and arrives Madigan Annex bldg at 6:00am. Also picks up at Gig Harbor Park n Ride at 5:35am. Departs Madigan Annex from 4:45-5:00pm, Monday-Thursday. For questions, contact Freddie Nordeen at fredericka.h.hordeen@us.army.mil / 253-968-4412

    JBLM Trips and Tours schedules: http://www.jblmmwr.com/nw_adv_tours.html

    Unit Events

    Turn your trash into cash

    at the JBLM

    Spring Flea Market

    23 March 2013

    JBLM Magazine

    February 2013.

    Feb.11 (6pm) Brigade Yoga at the Four Chaplains Chapel. Email Linda to sign-up at linda.watson1@us.army.mil First timers will get a 62

    nd MED

    blanket as a welcome gift. Feb. 12 (11:30-1pm) Potluck with FRG Leadership. All FRG Volunteers will

    be sharing a potluck lunch with the brigade commander and their fellow volunteers. Location: 3rd floor of bldg. 3148, 2

    nd Division Drive, 62

    MED Bde HQ. Call 253-477-3020 to R.S.V.P by Feb 5th

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    Training & Education

    Do you need help making changes that

    will improve your health or well-being? Consider partnering

    with Military One Source Health and Wellness Coaching


    This is a free resource for eligible individuals. For more info. go to http://bit.ly/T6FMDs

    For FREE Financial

    Service, contact the

    Army Community

    Service (ACS).

    Click here for contact

    Information and tips

    on e-receipts and

    protecting your

    personal information

    Feb 11 & 19 (8am) get certified in First Aid / CPR. A free 8-hour course. Feb 11 & 25 (9-12pm) Business Workshops at McChord. Learn how to write a

    business plan, and how to move your business to the next level. Feb 13-14 (9-2:30pm) FRG Leadership Training call FRC at 253-967-9496. Feb 13 (11:30-1:30pm) STOMP Workshop on SSI will be held at ACS Classroom.

    Call 253-967-9705 / nancy.e.dozier.civ@mail.mil to register by 9am of Feb 13. Feb 14 (4:30-5pm) Infant / Child Safety Class, Tupa Conference Room, Madigan

    Annex. Learn the step by step guide for preventing life-threatening situations for your children. Call TRICARE to register at 1-800-404-4506.

    Feb 19 (1-3pm) Federal resume Workshop. Open to all Soldiers, Veterans and

    family members. Where: Airmen & Family Readiness Center. Call 253-982-2948 to register.

    Feb 19-21 (9-2:30pm) Army Family Team Building Class Level II learn

    communications, personal time management, FRG and deployment, etc. Feb 19-20 (6-9:30pm) Home Buying Workshop provided by the WA State Housing

    Finance Commission for active duty Soldiers/Spouses and veterans with VA loan eligibility. Location: Stone Ed. Center

    Feb 20 (9-2pm) Home Buying and Selling Workshop at McChord Field Education

    Office. RSVP by Feb. 18 Military Academic Advancement Program (MAAP)- offers careers that fit the

    professional development of military spouses, veterans, military service members, and DoD civilians. Students pay a set common price per credit hour for undergraduate or graduate courses regardless of which MAAP school they attend. Financial aid is also available to qualified participants through individual schools. For more info. go to: http://bit.ly/14PGw3t and to http://www.hsidea.org/maap/about/

    Scholarships Opportunities:

    Feb 22 deadline for Commissary Scholarship application www.militaryscholar.org Apr 10 deadline for Ft. Lewis Scholarship Fund application. For high school

    seniors, military spouses and current college students. For details and to download application packet, go to: http://fortlewisscholarship.com/

    May 1 application deadline for scholarships through the AER program.

    Spouse Education Assistance program scholarship MG James Ursano Scholarship Program

    MyCAA Scholarships provides up to $4,000 financial Assistance. For details go to: https://aiportal.acc.af.mil/mycaa/Default.aspx

    Click here for other Education and Scholarship Resources directory.

    Get Fun and Budget Tips for


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    Kids & Teens

    Play to Learn Schedules (every 10-11:30am): Feb 13 - Love Notes at Raindrops & Rainbows. 8197 American Lake Dr.,

    Lewis North. Feb 27 Lets Read at Escape Zone. 841 off Lincoln Boulevard, McChord

    FREE Youth Cardio & Strength Training availabl