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The 4D Curation Squad provides the technology and strategic guidance to nonprofits and brands to aggregate, filter, frame and disseminate the best content to engage audiences. The Curation Squad, which works across all your communication channels, is backed with a powerful, real-time analytics engine that helps you find what really works.


  • 2. Who We Are > Chris Lundberg Together we have : We are : Experienced communications, tech and social entrepreneurs who help groups grow and better engage with their audiences April Pedersen Suzanne Turner Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D Sid Balman, Jr.
  • 3. Turner 4D >
  • 4. What is Frakture > A multichannel data integration, production and analytics platform With Frakture Bots and Squads, turn your marketing team of 5 into an army of 50.
  • 5. Feeding the beast with content that serves your mission. Challenge >
  • 6. Discovery > Our team does deep dive interviews and analysis to create a content strategy that helps you achieve your goals.
  • 7. Volume Multiple & growing channels Constant ocean of content Why Curation?
  • 8. Strategy Choose content that supports goals The Curation Process >
  • 9. Framing Make it relevant Make it tasty! The Curation Process >
  • 10. Analysis What and how to measure and report? The Curation Process >
  • 11. Polish Improve outreach to engage audience The Curation Process >
  • 12. Our Solution
  • 13. Easily choose and save the best content find whats already working Add unlimited content streams from any internal or external sources
  • 14. Analyze and see whats working across channels Live preview of content & save content from Curation dashboard
  • 15. Polish >
  • 16. 5 Major Benets of Adding Curation to your Content Strategy > 1) Reduce Time & Cost 2) Expand your Digital Footprint & Reach New Audiences 3) Improve your SEO and website performance 4) Help you Find What Works 5) Encourage Long-term Engagement
  • 17. Questions? Contact Us:! info@curationsquad.com www.curationsquad.com @curationsquad info@frakture.com www.frakture.com @fraktureinc info@turner4d.com www.turner4d.com @turner4d