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project information management solutions a SaaS solution

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Collaborate on the project management of construction programs. Collaborate on BIM projects. Achieve Integrated Project Delivery


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project information management solutions a SaaS solution

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Our clients come back time and time again because our solution works; it delivers real cost and time benefits. Save on the cost of faxing, emailing, printing and couriers. Save time and staff costs with efficient document storage, cataloging, searching, mark up and revisions, distributions, communication, transmittals, reporting, tracking and audit. Avoid delays, disputes and litigation. 4Projects enables collaborative decision making and control with jointly developed and validated project goals. It’s also simple to deploy and easy to use with no costly IT infrastructure required; just access to the web.

4Projects is an award winning provider of collaborative Project Information Management Systems (PIMS). We provide a secure, 24/7, on-demand SaaS environment for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). We connect people, information and processes to ensure your project delivers on time, on budget with maximum risk management. Our web based software allows you to take control; enabling you to manage, standardize and optimize your project processes, communication and documentation while collaborating with disparate project teams and suppliers.

4Projects is a pioneer of cloud based PIMS systems; we have been offering our Software as a Solution (SaaS) model to the architect, engineering and construction sector for the last ten years. Our software has helped deliver everything from one-off builds to multi-billion dollar projects across the full project lifecycle; from feasibility, through design, delivery and asset management. Our experience spans several sectors including healthcare, education, public & government, civil & infrastructure, residential, commercial & retail, hospitality & catering, sports & leisure and industrial.

our experiencethe benefits are tangible

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Every upload, download, revision and approval is tracked giving you transparency, a reliable audit trail and peace of mind.

Facilitate management, communication, viewing, control and collaboration of BIM data.

Issue, manage and track tasks and RFI’s. Resolve issues and create open auditable communication using our discussions tool.

Optimise your project by using our workflow tools to automate the flow of work processes, documents, forms, tasks and RFI’s.

Create custom forms to help capture data, automate processes and manage your project the way you want.

Effectively manage the bid process from the issuing of invitations through selection to notification of winning bid.

Our system also has the ability to integrate with other applications. Create seamless data exchange with other legacy systems.

Integrate with any email system. Capture and store not only emails themselves but their attached content.

Invite unlimited individuals from any organisation to collaborate within the project. Access and permissions are easily controlled.

Project dates, meetings and events can be organised within the Project Calendar which integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Upload, catalogue, distribute and control revisions to your own protocols. Multi upload, batch printing and Windows integration.

Create static or dynamic grouped containers to enable fast, simple and automatically updated transmittals.

View, mark-up and compare any document or BIM data within the system without the need for the original software.

Search for and report on documents, discussions, RFI’s, technical queries, project instructions, emails and variation requests.

building a reputationfor saving you time, money and resources

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“We saved time and money.”

Project Statistics: $450 million project | 48 months 20,775 uploads | 45,873 downloads | 11 organizations10,861 drawings, documents and 57 photos | completion 2010Chapman Taylor recognised that to deliver one of the largest residential buildings in the world working with an international team, a collaboration tool available in several languages was vital.“Having access to the project system from any internet ready computer was really important. We can be literally anywhere and have direct access to the latest information at anytime. The cost and time savings have been significant for us. Using 4projects we have been able to work across 3 continents as well as with our Spanish client. The ability to maintain a fast and accurate record of issues has proved invaluable to us and the team”Jan Dijkema, Project Architect

Case profile:

Project Statistics: $1.7 billion project | 72 months | 42,103 uploads198,261 downloads | 50 organizations | 10 countries | 375 users8,831 drawings | 26,610 documents | 833 RFI’s | 1,418 photos833 discussions | completion 20094Projects was selected by Landsvirikjun for the construction of a 690MW 4600GWh/year hydroelectric power plant. It is the highest of its kind in Europe with a crest of 193m. The project also involved 72km of tunnels. One of the benefits identified in this project was the elimination of email. 11,200 individual emails were eliminated by the use of 4Projects system. The project delivery was such a success that the client has since deployed 4Projects on its next hydropower project in Iceland.

Case profile:

Project Statistics: $400 million project | 24 months | 72,631 uploads | 753,631 downloads | 118 organisations | 461 users | 58,352 drawings | 456 documents | 45 photos | 331discussions | 10,650 mark-ups | completion 2006The project site covered 17 acres and consisted of four separate projects, all managed and delivered on schedule using 4Projects in a very tight timescale within budget. Throughout the project, workflow management was used to manage drawing approval from local sub-contractors. These were carried out both in parallel and serial with the design team and project manager able to comment of the drawings before them becoming visible to the project team.

Case profile:

building relationshipsOur focus is 100% on delivering a viable, cost effective PIMS solution for our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure our system not only meets but exceeds their expectations. But don’t just take our word for it. We can show you examples of how some of our clients have tangibly benefited from partnership with 4Projects.

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We know that we can save you time and money; helping you deliver projects on schedule and within budget.

Let us prove it to you.

Contact us for a free face to face demonstration or webinar... we promise we won’t bite!

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Contact: tel: 202 585 0212 email: [email protected]

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