5 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

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<ul><li><p>5 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes YouShould Avoid </p><p>Search engine optimization is a crucial blogging campaign. Therefore it should beimplement your website rank. If seo is done correctly and successfully on your website, itis your golden opportunity to get higher rank of your website. On the other hand, but if youare not aware from few search engine optimization mistakes, may be you face any bigproblem with your website. There are thousand number of companies which claim to offeryou the best seo services and improve ranking but there are several on-page searchengine optimization mistakes done by them. You should need to aware from thesemistakes. Below are five common on-page seo mistakes. </p><p>1. Wrong Keyword Selection: The right selection of keyword is vital for your website. Ifyou are thinking about optimize your website, choose that keywords which are importantfor your website as per your products and services. You can get the help of keywordanalytic tool to find long tail keywords for your site.</p><p>2. Forgetting Image Tags Or ALT Attributes: It is very good and nice if you have brilliantwebsite with good. Every one like images on websites but if you don't use image tag onyour every images, these images are nothing for your website. The main purpose of imagetag or ALT attributes is to provide a little description about image file.</p><p>3. Too Long Page Title And Description: Search engines set the length of page title anddescription and that is 70 character for page title and 160 character for description. If youuse more than 70 character in title and more than 160 character in description, they arenot displayed in search results. So make sure you use only limited length of characters foryour page title and description.</p><p>4. Using Multiple H1 Tag: H1 means header 1 and this tag is use for page title. Therewould be only one H1 tag for each page. But if you use more than one H1 tag on a singlepage, it's clear you make a big mistake by the use of it. If you have any sub headingsexcept main title, you can use H2 or H3 tag for them.</p><p>5. Use Black Hat Techniques: This is most popular and big mistake made by everysearch engine optimization executive. Black hat techniques are totally illegal and it doesnot obey search engine guidelines. Keyword stuffing, using hidden text and link buying allare the parts of black hat techniques. If any company offers you too quick and easy seoservice, be aware of them because may be they use black hat seo techniques.</p></li><li><p>Avoid these some common search engine optimization mistakes which you are usuallyavoid when you are doing on-page seo. If you think you need any kind of information,guidance and advice, you can contact to Rank Higher a leading Vaughan website designagency.</p><p>http://www.rank-higher.ca/web-design-vaughan/http://www.rank-higher.ca/web-design-vaughan/</p></li></ul>