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Download 5 Easy Ways to Generate Leads Using Your LinkedIn Company Easy Ways to Generate Leads Using Your LinkedIn Company Page ... LinkedIn provides multiple opportunities on ... for people,

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Generate Leads Using Your LinkedIn

    Company PageBruce Johnston

  • IntroductionThere are three ways to use your LinkedIn company page

    You can tell your companys story and establish credibility and thought leadership

    You can engage with your followers

    You can generate sales leads

    Were here today to talk about the third reason:

    You can generate sales leads

    On your LinkedIn company page there is a magic word:


    LinkedIn provides multiple opportunities on your company page to establish links from the page to your website landing pages. Using all of them, and using them in imaginative ways should be your goal.

  • Lead Generator #1Status Updates

    Status updates are the bread and butter of a LinkedIn Company page. Most companies use status updates to shamelessly hype their company and products which is counterproductive and wont work. People have a choice of following a company or not. If all they see is spam, thats the end of following.

    You should aim for solid informational and educational posts with the occasional offer.

    A good mix is 14 inform and educate for each offer you make. I like to think of it as those fourteen posts earning me the right to make a soft offer every fifteenth post.

    So make an offer and put a link to a landing page. Offer a how-to guide or a top ten list of suggestions that will have value for your reader.

  • Lead Generator #2Banners Across the top of the main products and services area is a banner. Put your message in there with a link such as our software is 86% faster at a fraction of the cost. Click here for a free 30 day trial

    And you can have three different banners. Thats three different offers. Experiment. Does a demo offer do better than the E-Book? Does the webinar beat them both?

    Heres how you can add a banner:

    On your company page, click the products and services tab

    Click edit and choose edit page from the menu.

    See step 3 to add a banner and a click through URL.

    And heres how a finished offer would look:







  • Lead Generator #3Products and Services

    In describing a product or service you are allowed to add a link. So describe your product and provide a link to request a free demo...or a free assessment...or anything related to this specific product or service that your customer would value

    Heres where you can do this on the add product or service page

    And heres how one would look.

    Again, I am using HubSpot as an example. They have an outstanding LinkedIn company page: Notice that clicking on the Products and services page brings up an expanded version with more information...and a link to a landing page on the companys website:

  • Lead Generator #4Run a promotion

    In the same set up page for your product or service, you have the option of adding a promotion if you would like. This is the wild card on the LinkedIn company page.

    Whereas most of your company page - and even offers - are geared towards instruction and education - early sales funnel stuff - the promotion is calling it what it is: a sales special of some type. So use this to sell.

    Offer 5% off this month. Offer your product in green at no extra charge. Then link back to a landing page on your website.

    You add a promotion on the same page you set up a product or service.

    Heres where you would add a promotion on your Product or Service setup page:

  • Lead Generator #5Add Video

    And heres a bonus: you can add a YouTube video and YouTube link to any product or service. And if there is an offer embedded in the YouTube video? Well, why not?

    Once again, you add your YouTube video from the same set up page you have used for a product or service, it is covered under step 10 and step 11 on the product setup page.

    And here is one that HubSpot added to their page

  • Bonus Tip: How to Triple your number of Leads

    Most companies will use the products and services part of their LinkedIn company page for a bland explanation of what they do.

    Other companies will list and describe several different product areas.

    And still others will describe multiple products and services.

    But if you want to triple your leads?

    Make every offer you have a service.

    That e-book you wrote on industry trends? Write it up as a service on your company page with a link to a landing page to sign up and download it.

  • That webinar you have set up for next month? Write that one up as a service too, with a link.

    Those two on demand webinars you have? Ditto.

    ...and so on.

    If you have nine pieces of content that people would sign up for, offer them all as separate services through your company page.

    Heres a great example - on HubSpots company page there are 11 Products and Services.

    Nine of them are free offers, with directions to landing pages on HubSpots website. HubSpot has their company page figured out.

    Now watch the leads to pour in.

    One caveat to all this:

    You need to have people come and see your company page.

    We talk about that in my LinkedIn course.

  • Whats Next?As an entrepreneur or a salesperson, your life is getting tougher:

    Gatekeepers block you Voice mail filters out your cold

    calls There are more influencers in

    complex sales, customers who can research you and your company online & through Social Media

    Technology can hurt

    But it can also help. Enter LinkedIn. Stop thinking of LinkedIn as just a place where you connect with some people, look at a few profiles and leave your online resume.

    You know the old expression we only use 10% of our brain? Well, thats most LinkedIn users. They are only using 10% of their LinkedIn brain.

  • But what if you could:

    Use your LinkedIn profile to drive sales leads Use LinkedIn to find, research, and meet every

    B2B prospect for your product or business Use LinkedIn to more effectively promote your

    company Increase your reach by adding more and higher

    quality LinkedIn connections Have both passive and aggressive ways to use

    LinkedIn Groups to your advantage Use your LinkedIn Company Page to drive sales

    leads, and present yourself as a person and company to be sought out and build your credibility

    Use LinkedIn for in depth research of competitors, customers, and potential employees

    Did I mention the sales leads?

    LinkedIn can give you the edge you need to get ahead. If you use correctly.

    Solution: Learn how to use that 90% of LinkedIn.

  • Making first contact - interpreting profiles, sending invitations to connect, using Introductions and InMails

    Week 4 Tribes LinkedIn Groups - passive, research, aggressive,

    choosing, strategy and tactics for groups LinkedIn company pages - all about, uses,

    following, your own company page All about jobs on LinkedIn Status updates - strategy and tactics for status

    updates, LinkedIn news

    Week 5 Channeling Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

    Using advanced search function on LInkedIn - for people, for companies, using basic Boolean search

    Looking around corners - whos viewed your profile, people also viewed, notifications, the last name hack, using company pages for competitive research

    Introducing LinkedInstitute Turbocharging your LinkedIn Experience

    Week 1 Setting the foundation Overview of LinkedIn Your LinkedIn goals - Passive vs aggressive

    approaches Adjusting the course to your goals

    Week 2 Credibility Your LinkedIn profile Recommendations and Endorsements Using your profile to generate business

    Week 3 Connecting & Communicating Connections - understanding 1-2-3, big vs small

    network, invites, organizing people you may know, letting LinkedIn contact your email lists, disconnecting

    Your messaging center The importance of big networks (including talking

    about LIONs and recruiters) Contacts (LinkedIns venture into CRM)

  • Week 6 Settings and Setting Out LinkedIn settings - how do I manage the inflow

    and outflow of information? Paid subscriptions - should I upgrade? are they

    worth it? Using the LinkedIn help center Putting it all together - using your new skills to

    accomplish your goals

    Bonus: Week 7 Fine TuningWe discuss your progress, I cover any fine points or questions you have, and we make mid-course corrections to your strategy and tactics. This often leads into a discussion of LinkedIns future and its place in a sales and marketing campaign.

    How To Get Started

    Linked Institute consists of 7 one-on-one sessions with me I normally charge $995 for this

  • But because youve taken the first step by reading this guide, Im willing to let you enroll for just $695 (a $300 discount)

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