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<ul><li><p>5 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Business Should Use </p><p>Using WordPress as a platform for business is easy thanks to the tens of thousands of plugins now available </p><p>online. Plugins are what give the platform its functionality beyond just basic blogging. For business owners, </p><p>the key is knowing which plugins are necessary and which ones can be ignored. Below is our list of the top </p><p>five most essential WordPress plugins that every business should be using. If you are not using these, you </p><p>should at least look into them. </p><p>1. Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration </p><p>Perhaps the only thing that rivals security in terms of importance for website owners is creating regular </p><p>backups of the website. Living without a backup is akin to playing Russian roulette. One crash of your site or </p><p>database could destroy years of work. Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration provides an easy and effective </p><p>way to create backups on a regular schedule. You can save your backups locally or in the cloud the plugin </p><p>supports popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, and more. </p><p>2. Wordfence Security </p><p>Site security is now more important than ever, and no security plugin for WordPress boasts as many users </p><p>as Wordfence Security. More than one million WordPress users trust this plugin to protect their sites from </p><p>hacking. It is a free and open-source solution that also offers a premium upgrade for users who want </p><p>professional support and a few extra features. The free version is incredibly powerful by itself. </p><p>3. Yoast SEO </p><p>WordPress is already fairly SEO-friendly, but Yoast SEO goes the extra mile by helping users actually </p><p>produce better content. The plugin offers both free and paid versions, with paid subscribers getting </p><p>professional support and some additional features. Yoast SEO helps website owners with page analysis, </p><p>meta-tags, links, XML sitemaps, and more. It even teaches users how to produce better content that will </p><p>improve search engine performance. </p></li><li><p>4. WP-SpamShield by Scott Allen </p><p>Allowing comments on your WordPress website can improve SEO performance, but only if those comments </p><p>are properly managed. WP-SpamShield is a plugin that helps you do just that. It prevents your WordPress </p><p>site from being hammered from spambots as well as human spammers. It works on any kind of form </p><p>including comments, contact forms, and registration forms. If your site is being hit with spam comments, </p><p>you need this plugin. </p><p>5. TablePress by TobiasBg </p><p>WordPress does a lot of things well right out of the box. Inserting tables is not one of them. If you need </p><p>tables on your site, and most businesses do, TablePress is a plugin you absolutely must have. This plugin </p><p>makes designing and deploying tables as easy as possible. Tables are created on a separate page and then </p><p>added to your website simply by cutting and pasting shortcode. TablePress offers both free and paid </p><p>versions; the free version is adequate for most businesses. </p><p>Plugins are what give WordPress its tremendous functionality. Using the right ones could make a real </p><p>difference to your business site. </p><p>About Training for Web </p><p>Welcome to Training for Web, offers WordPress Training Courses &amp; Magento training courses in Glasgow &amp; </p><p>Aberdeen. After training you will be managing your own website. </p><p>This Original Articles Published at Training for Web Blog Here </p><p>http://www.trainingforweb.co.uk/2016/03/02/5-essential-wordpress-plugins-every-business-should-use/ </p><p>http://www.trainingforweb.co.uk/http://www.trainingforweb.co.uk/magento-training-courses/http://www.trainingforweb.co.uk/2016/03/02/5-essential-wordpress-plugins-every-business-should-use/</p></li></ul>