5 great ways car dealers can use yard signs

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Yard signs should be part of a car dealer’s various marketing tactics. Signs make your dealership easier to navigate, attract new customers, and much more (as identified in this slideshow).


  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • 2. 5 Great Ways
    Car Dealers Can
    Use Yard Signs
  • 3.
    • Car dealerships use many marketing tactics to attract customers,
    from direct mail ads to TV commercials.
    • While these ads get a lot of exposure, they dont necessarily
    produce the best result.
    • Signs are a more-affordable way to market your dealership.
    • 4. There are countless ways to use yard signs on your lot, but here
    are some of the most-common.
  • 5. New Inventory
    • Feature the new years models in your signage.
    • 6. Customers get excited when you have something new, so use lawn signs to get their attention.
    • 7. Feature high-quality pictures of the new vehicle(s) on the signs so
    buyers will know what to look for when theyre browsing.
  • 8. Financing Offers
    • Financing could be what sets your dealership apart from the rest.
    • 9. Show customers what financing you have available.
    • 10. Use yard signs to show that you can assist those with poor credit,
    you have special offers for those with great credit, etc.
    • Convey the message that you want to help your customers. Dont
    let financing be an obstacle to making a sale.
  • 11. Holiday and Event Promotion
    • Car dealerships thrive on holiday sales and special events.
    • 12. Create a fun and exciting atmosphere on your lotso you have the
    opportunity to reach new customers and sell lots of vehicles.
    • Promote these events with yard signs at your entrance and near
    the area of your lot where the sale or event is being held.
    • Once your event is over, store the signs carefully as you can use
    them again next year!
  • 13. Direct Traffic
    • There are a lot of vehicles on your lot, which means that traffic
    can sometimes be a bit tight.
    • Use yard signs to direct customers to where they need to go.
    • 14. Have reserved parking signs for customers, and also directionals
    to the service department, the used section, etc.
    • By creating a flow in your parking lot, youre reducing the amount
    of confusion and potential accidents.
  • 15. Security
    • Use yard signs to display notices about your security measures.
    • 16. This wards off potential after-hours vandals and sends a message
    to your customers that their vehicle is safe on your lot.
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