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Learn how to effectively market your dental practice online.


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    5 Innovating Ways to Market Your

    Dental Practice




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    5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

    Creating a Competitive Edge Using Digital Strategies to Reach New Patients

    The world of marketing has changed significantly in the last few decades, and as a result, so

    must the manner in which dental practices attempt to attract new customers while retraining their

    existing patients. While no guarantee can be attached to any one method, proven or otherwise, a

    certain level of dependability does accompany newer strategies for advertising. In fact, one

    might equate the development of modern marketing strategies with the creation of the

    competitive advantage enabling one to garner a strong database of patients.

    What Does Having a Competitive Edge Mean?

    Its simple. If your practice has a competitive edge, it stands out in some way when compared to

    other dental facilities in the area. Either its easier to find, more affordable to use, simpler to get

    an appointment, helps busy patients remember their appointments, or offers recent reviews of its

    staff members and office. Without this edge, your dental practice is less likely to experience a

    consistent surge in new patients or retain the patients that it already has.



    Competition within the Industry

    With a new influx of dental graduate students each year, the total number of active dentists is

    expected to continue rising, despite retirements and life circumstances. As a result, the need to

    create an edge in your marketing efforts is going to be a critical component of any measure of

    success that you have. Moreover, the manner in which you advertise needs to get in line with the

    digital age if you want to keep up with or standout amongst your competition.

    According to a survey conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2013,

    more than 195,000 practicing dentists existed in the United States during that time. The

    competition for patients is sure to have become even fierce over the last few years,

    creating holes in the schedules of most dentists across the country.

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    Patient Availability Isnt Something That a Dental Practice Can Rely on Ever!

    In addition to the competition provided by active dentists practicing in a specific geographic

    location, the availability of patients varies not only according to the number of people living in

    the area but also because of prevalent opinions regarding the need for dental care, the expense

    associated with visiting a dentist, and the time involved to make an appointment and keep it. At

    any given time, a large portion of the adult population is foregoing dental treatment. Sadly, the

    dental health of many children is also being neglected. This behavior is occurring for a number

    of reasons, and the details dont always circulate around money.

    The data included in the following tables has been compiled by the Health Policy Institute,

    formerly known as the Health Policy Resources Center, an organization dedicated to sourcing

    critical knowledge for the benefit of the dental care system in the United States. The statistics are

    from the year 2014. Each table shows a breakdown by percentages of patients seeking dental

    treatment during that particular year.

    Visiting the Dentist Percentage of Adult Patients

    Every 6 months 52.30%

    Once a year 15.40%

    Every 2 to 3 years 11.00%

    Not in the last 5 years 21.30%

    While adults are less likely to see their dental care provider on an annual basis than children, the

    numbers are still staggering. At least 10% of children below the age of 18 have not visited their

    dentist in the last five years. The numbers show that a large percentage (47.70% of adults and

    36.40% of children) of the American population is in need of more frequent dental care. What if

    you could innovatively market your services to some of these individuals?

    Visiting the Dentist Percentage of Patients Under 18 years

    Every 6 months 64.60%

    Once a year 20.30%

    Every 2 to 3 years 4.40%

    Not in the last 5 years 10.70%

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    Traditional Marketing No Longer Delivers the Desired Impact

    Relying on traditional methods to reach new patients is an ineffective endeavor that delivers slow

    growth for a dental practice if any at all. The ease of using a search engine has changed the way

    in which most people find any type of business or service that they are interested in today.

    In particular, using the internet to search for something provides consumers with instant results,

    allowing the individual to act immediately. Your dental practice doesnt need to be the one the

    patient finds first, it just needs to be one that can be contacted immediately or the office that

    stands out against the competition as having better options.

    Traditional advertising can hold a debilitating negativity. It always relies on a targeted audience

    following through during normal business hours, creating the opportunity for the individual to

    make a different selection, one that is less than favorable for your dental practice.

    The survival of your dental practice depends on your ability to embrace changing times,

    eschewing traditional marketing strategies that limit your business growth for innovative

    techniques that increase the likelihood of filling empty patient slots in your daily schedule. This

    is what being found on the internet can do for your dental facility:

    Click Here to Set Up an Appointment = New Patients

    How Did Consumers Find Dental Providers in the Past?

    Decades ago, people turned to what was known as The Yellow Pages, a thick book compiling

    businesses and their contact information by category. Today, The Yellow Pages has become an

    online resource that allows people to access the names and contact information of providers

    picking up where the hard copy left off. However, this type of search doesnt allow for

    comparisons of multiple providers, creating a guessing game as to whether or not the consumers

    selection is going to be a good fit.

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    How Are New Customers Finding Their Next Dentist?

    Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers who turn to their computers in

    order to make a purchase or find a provider begin their activity by initiating a search. Most

    likely, they begin with a simple search that includes the words dentist and a geographic location.

    If you dont have an online presence, your facility might not even turn up in the results. In fact,

    this type of search typically generates a few paid-for advertisements, a small collection of

    dentists, whitepages.com, yelp.com, and the yellowpages.com.

    Since todays internet savvy consumers know that the information they want is available

    somewhere online, they are now searching for a topical website that provides a highly specific

    list of results. This is where websites like WhyPayMore Dental are becoming so popular. They

    provide the consumer with exactly what is desired a place to compare dentists by everything

    that is important to the consumer.

    For some individuals, the criteria used to conduct a search might include:

    Dental specialties: Orthodontics, pediadontics, endodontics, oral, and more.

    Location: Whether or not the office is easy to get to or located nearby.

    Hours: Whether or not Saturday or evening hours are available.

    Insurance: The names of the insurance plans that are accepted.

    Discounts: Whether or not there any discounts for new patients.

    Harnessing the Power of a Topical Search

    Consumers are fully taking advantage of websites that cater to users looking for a specific type

    of information. This practice is known as topical searches, and it has been growing in popularity

    over the last few years as consumers discover how easy it is to find what they want, in the

    location that they desire, and at a price they are willing to spend.

    Topical websites create a win-win situation for advertisers too, because they create an online

    presence that generates traffic and the possibility of brand new customers. Since advertisers on

    the site have a level field, your area of expertise and any special features that you offer is going

    to put your practice at the top of the list for many potential patients.

    In fact, online marketing has never been so easy. With topical searches gaining ground as a

    popular method of finding a dental provider, it only stands to reason that individuals actively

    searching for a dentist are going to set up an appointment as well. Topical search websites can

    generate a reliable stream of prospective customers in order to promote profitability and growth.

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    Why Its Important to Reach