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Learn how to effectively market your dental practice online.


<ul><li><p> Brought to you by: www.whypaymoredental.com </p><p>5 Innovating Ways to Market Your </p><p>Dental Practice </p><p>ATTRACT </p><p>NEW </p><p>PATIENTS </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 2/17 </p><p>5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice </p><p>Creating a Competitive Edge Using Digital Strategies to Reach New Patients </p><p>The world of marketing has changed significantly in the last few decades, and as a result, so </p><p>must the manner in which dental practices attempt to attract new customers while retraining their </p><p>existing patients. While no guarantee can be attached to any one method, proven or otherwise, a </p><p>certain level of dependability does accompany newer strategies for advertising. In fact, one </p><p>might equate the development of modern marketing strategies with the creation of the </p><p>competitive advantage enabling one to garner a strong database of patients. </p><p>What Does Having a Competitive Edge Mean? </p><p>Its simple. If your practice has a competitive edge, it stands out in some way when compared to </p><p>other dental facilities in the area. Either its easier to find, more affordable to use, simpler to get </p><p>an appointment, helps busy patients remember their appointments, or offers recent reviews of its </p><p>staff members and office. Without this edge, your dental practice is less likely to experience a </p><p>consistent surge in new patients or retain the patients that it already has. </p><p>COMPETITIVE EDGE = SUCCESSFUL </p><p>NON-COMPETIVE PRESENCE = INVISIBLE </p><p>Competition within the Industry </p><p>With a new influx of dental graduate students each year, the total number of active dentists is </p><p>expected to continue rising, despite retirements and life circumstances. As a result, the need to </p><p>create an edge in your marketing efforts is going to be a critical component of any measure of </p><p>success that you have. Moreover, the manner in which you advertise needs to get in line with the </p><p>digital age if you want to keep up with or standout amongst your competition. </p><p>According to a survey conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2013, </p><p>more than 195,000 practicing dentists existed in the United States during that time. The </p><p>competition for patients is sure to have become even fierce over the last few years, </p><p>creating holes in the schedules of most dentists across the country. </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 3/17 </p><p>Patient Availability Isnt Something That a Dental Practice Can Rely on Ever! </p><p>In addition to the competition provided by active dentists practicing in a specific geographic </p><p>location, the availability of patients varies not only according to the number of people living in </p><p>the area but also because of prevalent opinions regarding the need for dental care, the expense </p><p>associated with visiting a dentist, and the time involved to make an appointment and keep it. At </p><p>any given time, a large portion of the adult population is foregoing dental treatment. Sadly, the </p><p>dental health of many children is also being neglected. This behavior is occurring for a number </p><p>of reasons, and the details dont always circulate around money. </p><p>The data included in the following tables has been compiled by the Health Policy Institute, </p><p>formerly known as the Health Policy Resources Center, an organization dedicated to sourcing </p><p>critical knowledge for the benefit of the dental care system in the United States. The statistics are </p><p>from the year 2014. Each table shows a breakdown by percentages of patients seeking dental </p><p>treatment during that particular year. </p><p>Visiting the Dentist Percentage of Adult Patients </p><p>Every 6 months 52.30% </p><p>Once a year 15.40% </p><p>Every 2 to 3 years 11.00% </p><p>Not in the last 5 years 21.30% </p><p>While adults are less likely to see their dental care provider on an annual basis than children, the </p><p>numbers are still staggering. At least 10% of children below the age of 18 have not visited their </p><p>dentist in the last five years. The numbers show that a large percentage (47.70% of adults and </p><p>36.40% of children) of the American population is in need of more frequent dental care. What if </p><p>you could innovatively market your services to some of these individuals? </p><p>Visiting the Dentist Percentage of Patients Under 18 years </p><p>Every 6 months 64.60% </p><p>Once a year 20.30% </p><p>Every 2 to 3 years 4.40% </p><p>Not in the last 5 years 10.70% </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 4/17 </p><p>Traditional Marketing No Longer Delivers the Desired Impact </p><p>Relying on traditional methods to reach new patients is an ineffective endeavor that delivers slow </p><p>growth for a dental practice if any at all. The ease of using a search engine has changed the way </p><p>in which most people find any type of business or service that they are interested in today. </p><p>In particular, using the internet to search for something provides consumers with instant results, </p><p>allowing the individual to act immediately. Your dental practice doesnt need to be the one the </p><p>patient finds first, it just needs to be one that can be contacted immediately or the office that </p><p>stands out against the competition as having better options. </p><p>Traditional advertising can hold a debilitating negativity. It always relies on a targeted audience </p><p>following through during normal business hours, creating the opportunity for the individual to </p><p>make a different selection, one that is less than favorable for your dental practice. </p><p>The survival of your dental practice depends on your ability to embrace changing times, </p><p>eschewing traditional marketing strategies that limit your business growth for innovative </p><p>techniques that increase the likelihood of filling empty patient slots in your daily schedule. This </p><p>is what being found on the internet can do for your dental facility: </p><p>Click Here to Set Up an Appointment = New Patients </p><p>How Did Consumers Find Dental Providers in the Past? </p><p>Decades ago, people turned to what was known as The Yellow Pages, a thick book compiling </p><p>businesses and their contact information by category. Today, The Yellow Pages has become an </p><p>online resource that allows people to access the names and contact information of providers </p><p>picking up where the hard copy left off. However, this type of search doesnt allow for </p><p>comparisons of multiple providers, creating a guessing game as to whether or not the consumers </p><p>selection is going to be a good fit. </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 5/17 </p><p>How Are New Customers Finding Their Next Dentist? </p><p>Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers who turn to their computers in </p><p>order to make a purchase or find a provider begin their activity by initiating a search. Most </p><p>likely, they begin with a simple search that includes the words dentist and a geographic location. </p><p>If you dont have an online presence, your facility might not even turn up in the results. In fact, </p><p>this type of search typically generates a few paid-for advertisements, a small collection of </p><p>dentists, whitepages.com, yelp.com, and the yellowpages.com. </p><p>Since todays internet savvy consumers know that the information they want is available </p><p>somewhere online, they are now searching for a topical website that provides a highly specific </p><p>list of results. This is where websites like WhyPayMore Dental are becoming so popular. They </p><p>provide the consumer with exactly what is desired a place to compare dentists by everything </p><p>that is important to the consumer. </p><p>For some individuals, the criteria used to conduct a search might include: </p><p> Dental specialties: Orthodontics, pediadontics, endodontics, oral, and more. </p><p> Location: Whether or not the office is easy to get to or located nearby. </p><p> Hours: Whether or not Saturday or evening hours are available. </p><p> Insurance: The names of the insurance plans that are accepted. </p><p> Discounts: Whether or not there any discounts for new patients. </p><p>Harnessing the Power of a Topical Search </p><p>Consumers are fully taking advantage of websites that cater to users looking for a specific type </p><p>of information. This practice is known as topical searches, and it has been growing in popularity </p><p>over the last few years as consumers discover how easy it is to find what they want, in the </p><p>location that they desire, and at a price they are willing to spend. </p><p>Topical websites create a win-win situation for advertisers too, because they create an online </p><p>presence that generates traffic and the possibility of brand new customers. Since advertisers on </p><p>the site have a level field, your area of expertise and any special features that you offer is going </p><p>to put your practice at the top of the list for many potential patients. </p><p>In fact, online marketing has never been so easy. With topical searches gaining ground as a </p><p>popular method of finding a dental provider, it only stands to reason that individuals actively </p><p>searching for a dentist are going to set up an appointment as well. Topical search websites can </p><p>generate a reliable stream of prospective customers in order to promote profitability and growth. </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 6/17 </p><p>Why Its Important to Reach Out to Customers Digitally </p><p>Americans today are searching for information online today in greater numbers than ever. </p><p>According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centers Internet &amp; American Life </p><p>Project, 74% of adults in the United States currently use the internet. Of that number, 80% make </p><p>use of the internet to find health-related information. Once all calculations are completed, this </p><p>data means that 59%, or a majority of American adults, are using the internet to search for </p><p>health-related topics. Two points that you should recognize and accept include: </p><p> Without an online presence, your dentistry office is virtually invisible. </p><p> Without an interactive online presence, your dental practice loses potential patients. </p><p>Accelerate Dental Practice Growth through Effective Digital Strategies </p><p>With the digital opportunities available today, your dental practice has the ability to reach </p><p>hundreds of potential patients each month. While you wont be able to secure each one as a new </p><p>client, you are going to discover your patient roster growing larger. Filling empty slots in your </p><p>schedule is no longer going to be an arduous task. Instead, your facility will grow with an influx </p><p>of new patients who find you instead of the other way around! </p><p>Designing an Innovative and Successful Marketing Strategy </p><p>Harnessing the power of the internet to craft a unique and powerful marketing campaign offers </p><p>advantages that cannot be obtained as easily through traditional strategies. It is the simplest </p><p>method for reaching potential patients in large numbers. Since the majority of adults within the </p><p>United States use the internet each week, particularly when searching for services and health </p><p>information, it is critical to the financial success of your business to utilize this particular avenue </p><p>of reaching out in order to expand your patient database. </p><p>HELP THEM FIND YOU </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 7/17 </p><p>How Can You Ensure a Successful Marketing Plan? </p><p>It isnt just enough to create an online presence. You need to implement a virtual plan that is </p><p>highly effective in meeting your goals of drawing new clientele to your office. </p><p>After all, your patient database determines the success of your practice. </p><p>Moreover, in order to attract new patients who follow through by making an appointment with </p><p>your facility, your online presence needs to offer value. A single page featuring the name, </p><p>address, and contact information for your dental practice is not going to be sufficiently engaging </p><p>to achieve your intended goal. </p><p>The most successful online websites and marketing strategies provide something of value not </p><p>only to the originator of the website, but to the users of it as well. You can break these facets </p><p>down into those that benefit the website visitor and those that solely benefit your practice. Your </p><p>primary goal should be to get your practice visible on a topical website where it will have the </p><p>exposure it needs to grow your practice. </p><p>To meet your business goals, your marketing strategy should be: </p><p> Easy: Once implemented, your strategy should do all of the work for you. </p><p> Positive: Your dental practice is portrayed as a helpful, caring, and knowledgeable </p><p>facility. </p><p> Effective: Your online presence should reach out to individuals living or working near </p><p>your practice. </p><p> Searchable: Your online presence should readily appear for any patients looking for a </p><p>dentist in the area where you are practicing dentistry. </p><p>Your secondary goal should be to capture the attention of potential customers by offering exactly </p><p>what it is that they are searching for when trying to find a dentist. </p><p>To effectively attract and retain customers, your marketing strategy needs to be: </p><p> Useful: Provides something patients are actively looking to use. </p><p> Simple: Setting up an appointment should be just as simple as finding you. </p><p> Easy: An intuitive design should do all of the work for the patients. </p><p> Desirable: Presents your dental practice in a positive manner. </p></li><li><p>Why Pay More Dental 5 Innovating Ways to Market Your Dental Practice 8/17 </p><p>Search Filters That Make a Difference </p><p>Todays patients are looking for dental care providers using unique search filters that werent so </p><p>easily accessible just 20 years ago, enabling them to search by parameters that make a difference </p><p>to their lifestyle, personality, and wallet. Some of these criteria include upfront pricing, distance </p><p>and number of locations, insurance plans, and patient reviews. </p><p>After all, choosing the right dentist is something that is uppermost in peoples minds today. Most </p><p>people dont want to go through the same process over and over again, so they want to get it </p><p>right the first time, choosing a dentist that they know they can stick with for many years. Its up </p><p>to you to make this possible. </p><p> Pricing transparency allows patients to compare costs amongst dentists in order to give </p><p>them a reference point for treatments offered. </p><p> Practical features such as the location of your office and the types of insurance plans </p><p>you participate in are of real importance to most patients who are looking to save both </p><p>time and money. </p><p> Unbiased reviews provide a reliable opportunity for patients to find the best fit for their </p><p>needs, because it gives them a glance at what a visit at your office is going to mean for </p><p>them. Quality selections are created for patients by offering the option to access patient </p><p>reviews. While a few of the reviews might appear negative on the surface, they simply </p><p>provide details that might or might not be important to the next patient. </p><p>For example, a patient looking for a visit that takes little time is going to appreciate a </p><p>revie...</p></li></ul>