5 paths to recovery from drug addiction

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How to Stay Clean after Leaving Drug Rehab

5 Paths to Recovery from Drug Addiction

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5 Paths to Recovery from Drug Addiction

1. Private Counseling2. Join a Church3. Start a Career4. Use Medication5. Exercise Nutrition


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For people who are averse to group therapy, private counseling sessions with a therapist can work wonders. Having a weekly one-on-one session might be enough for some people to stay focused on their recovery. If this proves to be inadequate, however, you might need to supplement your recovery with something more.1. Private Counseling


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2. Join a ChurchIts probably not enough to simply go to church on Sundayif you want to use Religion as your method for recovery, you need to get fully involved with the entire church community.


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3. Start a CareerWhere you are directly helping other recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Working with others has proven to be one of the most effective means of maintaining sobriety. You could become a counselor, a therapist, or work at a treatment center. There are also lots of positions for helping troubled teens and children who have substance abuse problems. Giving back in this way is a powerful tool for anyones recovery.


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4. Use MedicationSome would argue that treating a chemical dependency with more chemicals doesnt make any sense, but there have been some real strides made in the last decade in this area. There are several new medications that are not narcotic, but help people by reducing physical cravings. An example of this is Campral for alcoholics or Chantix for nicotine addicts. There are other medications targeted for other classes of drugs as well.


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5. Exercise and NutritionThere is a fine line here as well; if you become so immersed in physical fitness that you can use it as a method of recovery, then you are probably over doing it a bit. Nevertheless, trading one unhealthy addiction for a much healthier one (exercise and nutrition) has become a method of recovery for some people.


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