5 reasons why resistance bands belong in everyone's workout routine

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  • 5 Reasons Why Resistance Bands Belong In Everyones

    Workout Routine


  • 1. Pack and travel.

    2. Boost strength and flexibility.

    3. Safe for the family

    4. Perfect for injury recovery.

    5. Theyre cheap! Click To Buy

    Resistance Bands


  • Pack and Travel Working out on the road

    has gotten easier.

    Resistance bands provide a convenient way to exercise in the hotel room.

    Airport security wont give you the shake down over these being in your carry on either.


  • With your resistance band

    training, every part of the

    concentric and eccentric

    exercise has resistance,

    resulting in better range of

    motion strength and more

    complete stimulation.

    - BodyBuilding.com

  • Strength and Flex Band workouts are a

    muscle confuser.

    While not used for max weight lifting they are proven to maximize growth.

    When added to a workout, Shred Bands, will add power.


  • Push - bench press, crossover, tricep extensions, and skull crushers.

    Shoulders - upright rows, lateral raises, front raise, band shrug shoulder press.

    Pull - curls, low rows, high rows, back flyes, and good mornings.

    Strength and Flex Exercises

  • Strength and Flex Exercises

    Arms - concentration curl, standing curl, tricep kickback, overhead tricep extension.

    Legs - front squat, leg extension, prone leg curl, glute bridge, lateral band walk.

    Core - curls, low rows, high rows, back flyes, and good mornings.

    Need Bands?


  • Safe For The Family Improves cardiovascular


    Resistance bands are fun and convenient.

    They are easy to use.

    Helps boost brain productivity by reducing stress.


  • Resistance bands are well worth it, there's little reason not to invest in


  • Injury Recovery They keep your joints


    Resistance bands will strengthen and elongate the muscle fibers.

    They create a significantly different effect on your muscles.


  • Free weights, create the same training effect on your muscles. Whereas resistance band training (RBT) creates a significantly different effect on your muscles.

  • Theyre Cheap! The perfect anywhere

    strength and conditioning tool.

    Resistance bands will meet your exercise program needs.

    At such a low cost, there is little reason not to invest in them.


  • Resistance Bands

  • Improves flexibility, strength, core stability and fat burning metabolism all while keeping your joints happy and your exercise program meeting your needs.

  • We hope you learned


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