5 reasons why you should be an entrepreneur

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Post on 31-Oct-2014


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Thinking of starting something of your own but cannot decide? These 5 reasons should compel you to be an entrepreneur. Read more.


  • 1. Who is the boss?
  • 2. You are the boss! Who would not want to work without reporting to a boss! Be the boss, take chargeit is everyones dream. But it will also require a clear vision, a strong commitment towards your goals, and leadership skills.
  • 3. Who is the sole decision maker?
  • 4. You are the final decision maker You are calling the final shots. The sole responsibility to make your business successful lies in your hands. It is full of challenges, but you need to take risks when you are chasing your dreams! Keep taking chances and enjoy the success.
  • 5. Who is enjoying the profits?
  • 6. You get a share in business profits Your businesss success or failure is your success and failure. Whatever you sow, you shall reap! The more effort you put into your business, the greater your rewards will be. The greatest advantage of being an entrepreneur is, that you can invest the profits in your business again and grow.
  • 7. Who is creating all the rules?
  • 8. You are creating your own rules What could be better than making your own rules and following them, changing them when requiredyou are the ruler! As an entrepreneur you have the freedom to choose your path. Starting your own business offers you flexibility and total responsibility of designing your life.
  • 9. Who is having all the fun?
  • 10. You are having fun at work With freedom comes contentment and happiness. As an entrepreneur, seeing your targets being achieved, business flourishing after days of hard work; nothing is more enjoyable!
  • 11. Mara Foundations Ambition We enable, inspire and empower ambitious entrepreneurs in Africa. With the support of our Mara Mentors we will: Inspire millions of young people in Africa to become entrepreneurs. Teach entrepreneurs new skills. Enable entrepreneurs to turn business ideas into a reality. Guide business owners to grow businesses and hire (more) employees. Empower entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase their business and build their network.
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