5 Reasons Why Your Subscribers Aren't Reading Your Email

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<ol><li> 1. Reasons Why Your Subscribers Arent Reading Your Email 5 </li><li> 2. 1 They Never Opted In </li><li> 3. 1 You could have Bought a list Blurred the lines between marketing and transactional mail Took their email address out of context and started marketing to them (e.g. they used their email as a username) </li><li> 4. olutioSend out a re-engagement campaign. Users who want your mail will opt in again and those who dont (or never signed up in the first place) will be retired from your active sending list. Re-engagement Campaign Tips </li><li> 5. 2Youre Asking For Too Much </li><li> 6. 2You could be approaching your email marketing strategy as, How can they help me?. </li><li> 7. Make your strategy focused on helping your subscribers. Its okay to ask your subscribers for favors, just dont forget to add value to their inbox first! olutio Email Marketing Strategy SlideShare </li><li> 8. 3Email Fatigue </li><li> 9. 3Maybe you came on too strong and sent too many emails, too many times </li><li> 10. Give your subscribers some space! Avoid sending to them for a few weeks and then test the waters. Depending on how they respond, you should either resume sending or take them off your list. olutio </li><li> 11. 4Wrong Time of Day </li><li> 12. 4Are you continuously sending your email at the same time of the week or day? </li><li> 13. By testing the time of day you send, you can decipher when your recipients are most engaged with their inbox! Adjust your plan accordingly and segment for optimal times. olutio </li><li> 14. 5Its Not You, Its Them </li><li> 15. 5Some matches were just not made in heaven </li><li> 16. Take a deep breath and remember your content will not be for everyone! Focus on your highly engaged recipients and organically attracting new subscribers who will love your content too. J olutio </li><li> 17. Your best bet for a healthy email program is to send to subscribers who want to read your emaildo yourself a favor and take unengaged recipients off of your list. inalThoughts </li><li> 18. Happy Sending! More Email Best Practices from SendGrid </li></ol>