5 revolutionary technologies content marketers can't afford to ignore

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  • 1.The Content MarketingFuturist aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler5Revolutionary TechnologiesContent MarketersCant Afford To Ignore#cmworld

2. scott abel@scottabel scott@thecontentwrangler.comthecontentwrangler.com#cmworld 3. about mecontent strategist conference organizer faculty at Berkeley iSchoolcolumnist EContent Magazine #cmworld 4. the problemmarketers are overwhelmedand unprepared#cmworld 5. the problemmany of us treat the world wide weblike the Ohio web or the American English web#cmworld 6. that needs to changewe need tochange#cmworld 7. the problemtechnologyis acceleratingfaster than we are #cmworld 8. the problemnew devices and new markets and new demands#cmworld 9. the problemoutdated notionsof successin what other industry would 2-5% response rate be considered a success?#cmworld 10. the solutionnew approaches new responsibilities new roles and new tools#cmworld 11. The Content MarketingFuturist aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler5Revolutionary TechnologiesContent MarketersCant Afford To Ignore#cmworld 12. what istechnology? #cmworld 13. technology is the purposefulapplication of scienticknowledge in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services#cmworld 14. why do we need toknow about technologies ?#cmworld 15. Source: Gartnerby 2017, CMOs are expected to spend moreon IT than CIOs do #cmworld 16. what technologiescan we not afford to ignore ?Ill provide a basic overview of each and some key points for pondering#cmworld 17. #1automated translation #cmworld 18. machine akatranslation #cmworld 19. some know it asgoogle translate #cmworld 20. but its much morethan that #cmworld 21. what isautomated translation ?#cmworld 22. automated translation isa process that usessoftware to translatecontent from onelanguage to another#cmworld 23. ?whydo we need to know this#cmworld 24. the world wide web[not the American English web]is the land of opportunity#cmworld 25. in a global marketreaching customers previously viewed as out of scope is the goal#cmworld 26. Source: US Small Business Administration96%of the consumers on Earthdo not live in the US #cmworld 27. but they allspeak English, right ? #cmworld 28. wrong! #cmworld 29. Source: Nationalencyklopedinless than 6% of the worlds population speak English well enough to understand your prose and marketing mumbo-jumbo#cmworld 30. Source: Wikipediamany people who understand spoken Englishcannot read English in fact, many cannot read at all #cmworld 31. human translation can be time-consuming andexpensive many languages arent supported due to lack of resources#cmworld 32. Source: Ethnologueespecially when you consider thatthere are over 7,000languages spokenby the people of Earth #cmworld 33. Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Cardand that each and everyword translated costsabout .25 a word multiplied by the number of languagesthe average multi-national support 20+ languages #cmworld 34. Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Carda 15,000 word document translated into 22 languagesat .25 a word 15,000 X .25 = $3,750 X $82,000 #cmworld 35. ?how do we get started#cmworld 36. recognize that today you writefor both humansand machines our content must be both human- and machine-processable to have maximum ROI#cmworld 37. recognize that today you writerst for machinesthen for humansif content is not ndable (by machine) or accessible (by machine) it doesnt exist#cmworld 38. of course the content you createis destined for humansbut machines are gatekeepers to success#cmworld 39. recognize that writing ruleswere developedlong before technologymade instant globalcommunication possible #cmworld 40. recognize that writing rules you learned in grade schoolLanguage Arts classes are no longer sufcientfor a world in whichLanguage Science is needed#cmworld 41. examine your content fromthe vantage point of arules processing engineand ensure it is optimizedfor machine translation we do this already by making content conform to standards like RSS #cmworld 42. #2automatedtranscription #cmworld 43. what isautomatedtranscription ?#cmworld 44. automated transcription isa process that usessoftware to translatespeech to text #cmworld 45. ?whydo we need to know this#cmworld 46. for many of the same reasons automated translationis needed AND the fact that video content is not keyword searchablewithout a transcription #cmworld 47. the content locked insideof video is hidden from view CRM integration personalize #cmworld 48. #cmworld 49. ?how do we get started#cmworld 50. use one of several software providersto create transcriptions for your videos and post themalong with your videos#cmworld 51. transcription les can also be translatedand the translations usedas sub-titles in other languages#cmworld 52. #3terminologymanagement#cmworld 53. what isterminologymanagement?#cmworld 54. terminology managementis the process of controllingthe words you use by organizingthem in a central repositorythat contains a list of approved terms and rules for their usage#cmworld 55. the goal of terminology management is to ensure thatthe words that are mostclosely associated with yourproducts, services, and brandingare used consistently#cmworld 56. terminology managementefforts result in a controlledvocabulary that is madeaccessible to all who need itacross your organization as well as partners and service providers#cmworld 57. ?whydo we need to know this#cmworld 58. terminology management helps ensure consistencythroughout your content assetsin both your source and you translated content#cmworld 59. terminology management can help ensure legal and regulatory compliance, brandconsistency, enhanced content quality#cmworld 60. ?how do we get started#cmworld 61. seek guidance from aglobal content strategist to help you craft a terminology management strategyand look for opportunities to standardize your content creation processes#cmworld 62. adopt a terminology management system#cmworld 63. #4adaptivecontent#cmworld 64. what isadaptivecontent?#cmworld 65. adaptive content is content that is structuredand designed adapt to the needs of your customer#cmworld 66. adaptive content changesnot just cosmetically, but also in substanceand in capability #cmworld 67. adaptive content also adaptsto the capabilities of thedevice it is viewed on automatically, on-demandif a GPS is available on a handheld device, the content will be able to take advantage of location aware features of the device #cmworld 68. for example, an instructionlike click on a laptopwould be automatically adapted to touch on a smartphone and say inan automobile GPS#cmworld 69. ?whydo we need to know this#cmworld 70. customers demand exceptional experiences;their expectations have changedand they expect you tochange and adapt to their needs #cmworld 71. adaptive contentmakes it possible for you to publish to multiple-platformsand to multiple-devices often, automatically#cmworld 72. adaptive contentis consistently structured,providing a predictablecustomer experience#cmworld 73. adaptive contentis content separated fromformatting information; allowing authors to focuson what they do best #cmworld 74. adaptive contentmakes your contentndable and reusable by others who need it #cmworld 75. ?how do we get started#cmworld 76. adaptive contentinvolves rethinking how you create, manage and deliver content; its bestto seek advice from an experienced pro #cmworld 77. there is no EASY button;moving to adaptivecontent involves work,but the pay-off (ROI) canoften be realized in months, not years #cmworld 78. #5componentcontent management #cmworld 79. what iscomponentcontent management?#cmworld 80. component content managementis the creation, administration, organization and governanceof small, discrete, re-usablecomponents of content#cmworld 81. component content managementfocuses on the storing of content components thatare used to assemble documentscomponent content management systems are designed for this purpose #cmworld 82. components of content come in various sizes and types and can be as smallas a single word or as large asmany paragraphs they can be recombined/remixed to create new deliverables #cmworld 83. components of contentcan take the form of graphics, hyperlinks orother repurposable content your company logo, product description, value proposition, link to benets #cmworld 84. component content managementis about managing contentnot about managing lescontent versus les #cmworld 85. contentdate(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) linklesemail invite printed invite registration microsite printed program at-event signage voicemail script telephone script advertising contract tweet/update blog post mobile app#cmworld 86. contentdate(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) linkusagesame same same same same n/a n/a same varies (gold, silver, bronze) varies (deliveries) varies (gold, silver, bronze) same #cmworld 87. ?whydo we need to know this#cmworld 88. structured contentcombined with CCMS supports personalized content and targeted marketing,increasing response rates#cmworld 89. structured contentcombined with CCMS puts you in control of your content and can help yousave BIG $ on translation #cmworld 90. because not all prospectsor customers are the same #cmworld 91. you need component content managementif you need to...#cmworld 92. provide different types of content to different types of prospects and customers#cmworld 93. re-use content acrossdocuments withoutcopying and pastingthe copy>paste reuse method is the most costly and error-prone #cmworld 94. ensure content is consistent across all touch points, channels, and devicessingle-sourcing: write it once, use it often is a best practice #cmworld 95. translate contentonce and have it automatically reectedwherever it is reusedtranslation savings