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Making the decision to change your career requires courage, and making a smooth change requires wisdom, clarity and strategy. Anyone who chooses to change their career will face challenges, and this does not get easier with age. As we face the challenges our confidence can be eroded, bit by bit or through some nasty incident.


  • 1. Five Steps To RegainYour ConfidenceWhen Its Been ShatteredCourage and Wisdom

2. Face Challenges With Courage AndWisdomMaking the decision to change your career requires courage, and making a smoothchange requires wisdom, clarity and strategy. Anyone who chooses to change theircareer will face challenges, and this does not get easier with age. As we face thechallenges our confidence can be eroded, bit by bit or through some nasty incident.Rebuilding or maintaining a strong healthy confident outlook on life is, in itself, achallenge! That is magnified by the challenges that everyone has to deal with, but ifyou know what is ahead you can be ready to manage your reactions. 3. Lets consider some common challenges faced by mature workers when they arechanging their career: Your age New occupations and industries Stereotypes Self-assessment Reinventing yourselfYour ageLets face it your age is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it. If youneed to change the colour of your hair, lose weight or obtain more qualificationsthen there is something you can do to make these things happen. With your age,there is not one thing you can do! So put your birth date aside and get on with facingthe challenges you can conquer, fighting the battles that you can win. There is nopoint in dwelling on your age as an issue. 4. New occupations and industriesWanting to change your job is one thing but making the decision to pursue a new career isanother thing altogether. Many want to do it, but few have the courage and determination tofollow through!During your working life many new occupations and even industries have appeared, but, unlessyou have had the opportunity to gain skills through your current work, many mature workers areunaware of some of the new jobs that exist. To overcome this challenge and gain acontemporary perspective do some research on areas with which you are not familiar. This canbe done by looking at job ads in newspapers and on the internet. By all means consider a careerchange but dont limit yourself just to the jobs you already know. Give yourself the widest rangeof options!StereotypesSociety today seems to be dominated by youth and beauty. Maybe it was always like this, butwhen we were young and beautiful (and sadly most of us didn't realise we were at the time!) wethought it was perfectly normal. Now it seems ageist to us! The media go wild about beautifulyoung things. Many television programs cater for and star young people. However look a littleharder and you will see that there are many mature workers involved in every industry. 5. Age is a common stereotype. The image of an older worker who is slow to learn, set in theirways and dull to have around is full of prejudice and stereotype. It is also blatantly not accuratefor most people. However ageism, sadly, is alive and well. Nevertheless, lets face facts here;some older people are indeed slow, finicky and dull. But so are some younger people!What you have to avoid is falling into the trap of perpetuating that image. You are looking forwork in the 21st century. Workplaces are contemporary and you need to be contemporary alsoin order to be considered a suitable employee. Dont dress like a 25 year old, and conversely,dont go to work looking like your grandmother. You dont need to be the computer whizz kid inthe workplace, but you must have the appropriate level of skills for your job. You can wear yourglasses to read, but dont make a big deal about the fact that you cant read without them. Getthe idea? Be your best self in the workplace, not some caricature of your age.Even if ageism and stereotypes are common you can overcome these challenges. While manyemployers seem to favour young workers there are also many employers who welcome olderstaff members. They appreciate experience and reliability. You have those qualities in spades.Break free of the stereotypical mould by showing them what you are capable of. If you believethat you will encount age discrimination then you will find it everywhere you go, so don't golooking for it. Your challenge is to communicate that you are capable, talented, reliable,enthusiastic and definitely a person worth hiring. 6. Self-assessmentPerhaps the biggest challenge tomany people is their own opinion ofthemselves. Many older workers askthemselves, Is this all there is?They wonder if they will ever doanything exciting and worthwhile intheir working life. And if they do wantto try something new, the biggesthandicap is their lack of belief inthemselves. 7. So, what do YOU think of yourself? Be honestand look at yourself as a stranger would withregard to your pride in your appearance drive and energy willingness to learn new things self-esteem open-mindedness. 8. Reinvent your imageIf you arent happy with your personal rating of yourself do something about it. Makingchanges to improve your image and attitude will impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence.When you have a strong self-image, changing your career is so mucheasier. I recently saw a UK TV production about makeovers of two career women.There was a huge difference in their self-esteem after the makeover. When they knewthey were smartly dressed and looking attractive they projected an entirely differentenergy. What was fascinating was the reaction of the people they interacted with atwork who obviously viewed them differently because of their new image.Now don't misinterpret my comments here as preaching. I'm writing them as muchfor myself as for you. I would benefit from making many changes in this area oflife. So please understand that, although this may seem harsh it's whatmany of us (myself included) need to hear.


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