5 Things That Make You Look Bad on Social Media

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5 Things That Make Your Company Look Bad On Social Media

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A robust social media presence is a MUST for every business

Most consumers expect companies to be ACTIVE on social media

If you want to make a good impression, avoid making these 5 mistakes on social media

Being Self-Absorbed

Avoid excessively pushing your product or service on people!

Instead, add value & engage in meaningful conversations

Being Too Generous

Avoid sharing nothing but other peoples content

Instead, create your own content that drives visitors to YOUR website

Being Unresponsive

Social Media is much more than broadcasting content

Monitor your social media presence and respond promptly when & where appropriate

Forgetting Your Sense Of Humor

Dont be afraid to show your human side


Getting out of hand

Keep things in PROPER perspective

Share news & content RELEVANT to your industry

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