5 things you need to know when buying a new car

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  1. 1. http://www.automotivegroup.co.uk/ 5 Things You Need To Know When Buying A New Car
  2. 2. You should never go to a car dealership without first knowing what you want. The reason is that you may end up getting a car that doesnt suit your individual needs at all. Also a salesman may try to sell you a car that may cost more than you would of ended up spending if youd done some research beforehand. 1) Do your research
  3. 3. It is always wise to inspect a car before you buy it. If you dont inspect the car youre only asking for trouble and money spent that didnt need to be in the future. Also ask for a test drive. When you test drive the car, make a note of any issues. 2)Inspect the car
  4. 4. When you buy a second hand car make sure you get the correct documentation. This is key. The documents you will need are; Car service history (With receipts) MOT certificates V5C Registration Certificate (Logbook) You will also need a receipt detailing the purchase of the car. 3) Correct documentation
  5. 5. If the intimal price of the car is to steep for you do not be afraid to haggle. Dont offer an unrealistic price though. Know what the car is actually worth before you make an offer. If you cant come to an agreement on the price dont worry as there is always the ability to purchase a different car. 4) Haggle