5 time management tips (and tools) you can’t live without

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5 Time Management Tips (and Tools) You Cant Live WithoutBrought to you by:Valkeryie Consultingwww.valkeryie.com

DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE. You cant get it all done? You NEVER HAVE ENOUGH time? youre Overwhelmed? youre Stressed out?

Would you rather feel like this guy?

You either have a tools problem or a time management problem..Heres the issue:


Step 1: Figure out WHERE Your Time Goes

RESCUE TIMETells you what you are spending time doingTakes a productivity pulse for youIntegrates with several other tools for optimum efficiencyGives you daily, weekly and monthly overviewsHelps you stick to your goalsAssists you in ELIMINATING time wasting activities

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Step 2: Use that Data to Make a Schedule You can STICK TOUse a calendar app like Google Calendars to schedule all of your vital activities for the day. Eliminate distractions to keep your time focused and productive. That means turning off your phone, shutting down your email and killing social media. Work on the things you dont want to do first, to get them out of the way.

Tools You Can UseGoogle CalendarsDo not disturb or airplane mode on your cell phoneTurn off email notifications on your phoneCold Turkeyto eliminate distractions (getcoldturkey.com)The time is money equation

Here are some examples..


TIME V. MONEY (KNOW WHEN TO OUTSOURCE)How much are you worth per hour?Time yourself starting from education on each item to completion.Is your return on investment worth the time spent? Would it be more cost effective to hire someone?

Here is an example for website development: ActivityCost Per HourHours SpentCostLearning about web development$50100$500Installing and design$50100$500Content creation$50200$1,000Learning new technology$50200$1,000TOTAL COST$3,000Finding professionals$501$50Interviewing professionals$503$150Hiring a professional$501$50COST WITH A PROFESSIONAL CHARGING AN AVERAGE OF $599 TO START$849

Would you rather spend $849 on a professional or $3,000 and still not get it right?

Step 3: Get a Useable To Do List App

To Do Ist Helps UsManage one time tasksCreate recurring tasksCollaborate or assign tasks, as neededManage multiple projects in one placePrioritize and organize emails and files in one centralized location

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Step 4: Put Some Skin in the Game

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Step 5: Automate Your LifeHave a CRM that integrates multiple tasks in an all in one platform. Creating content on the front end saves you tons of time on the back end.Evaluate at least three CRM tools before selecting one.

Want to know which one is OUR favorite?

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