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  1. 1. 5 Tips For MemorableVacation Photographs
  2. 2. Have you ever been on vacation and discover that your photographsdo not reflect your experiences? Have you ended up taking stockphotographs of iconic places or landmarks instead? To truly capturethe fun experience during a vacation focus on those unique aspectsof the place that appeals the most to you. This could be the localpeople in their traditional costumes, exotic fruits on display at thelocal market, a clear flowing river or the backdrop of a picturesquemountain. Take creative photographs of the people and places that captureyour imagination instead of focusing on just scenic shots. Here are afew tips to get you started by Peter Allen, a Houston professional
  3. 3. Tip#1: Capture Signage InYour Photographs One of the ways in which you can improve vacationphotographs is capturing the local signage. Some of thesesigns may include the fronts of local shops, the name andprice of local fruits and vegetables, unique local patterns,religious symbols, or any other signs that are prevalent. Youwill treasure the photographs of these unique characteristicsof your vacation spot.
  4. 4. Tip#2: Feature People In TheSnaps Adding the human element when trying to capture a landmarkwill make the images more interesting. Include the localpeople who are going about their daily tasks. Some examplesinclude local women in the marketplace as they sell theirwares or local businessmen on a busy street. Yourphotographs will become more memorable when they helptell a story to the viewers.
  5. 5. Tip#3: Take Family ActionShots Take action shots of your family instead of just taking picturesof your family posing in front of a landmark. For instance, takeadvantage of photographing your familyeating a localdelicacy or playing the local sport of a particular city orcountry. These action shots will become memories that youwill always cherish. When you see family members engage inan action at an exotic location, you will end up having a smileon your face.
  6. 6. Tip#4: Decide On A Theme A vacation spot may sometime offer too many exciting spotsor events. In such a case, go through your itinerary anddecide a theme for the day. This way, you will get the chanceto cover key locations in a country or city. Dont limit youropportunity to capture unique locations or events occurring ona particular day.
  7. 7. Tip#5: Tell A Story ThroughYour Photos Take photos of your entire trip and capture the events that took placeduring the trip in chronological order. This will help you tell a storythrough the photographs. When your spouse takes part in a localcooking contest, capture the different steps in cooking.. Thesephotos will help you re-live the fun and enjoyment you experiencedwhile on vacation in that particular city or country. These tips will help you capture some unforgettable memories ofyour vacation. We thank Mr. Peter Allen for providing us with hisinput for this article. Mr. Allen has more than 10 years of experiencein photography, having worked at well-known photo studios includingMemorial City Mall picture studio in Houston, Texas.